Recently made the switch to Salesforce, or simply need a refresh on some of our tools? As our ever-evolving ecosystem grows, so does our bank of resources and we understand that it can be hard to know where to start sometimes. As we continue to innovate, we want our customers to avail of the latest tools we have to offer, and to always feel empowered on our platform. With your continued success in mind, we’ve compiled the top five tools you can access on-demand to ensure a Smart Start on Salesforce today!

1. Salesforce Help Homepage

The Salesforce Help Homepage is your home-base for all Salesforce training and development tools. This will become your go-to hub when navigating to all of the following resources - so be sure to hit that bookmark button! The Documentation tile brings you to our Salesforce knowledge base, where you can search for information from best practices and upcoming releases to videos and walk-throughs that will help you get the most from your Salesforce investment. 

2. Trailhead

Looking for an immediate action to deep dive into learning about the capabilities of Salesforce? Send your teams to Trailhead to kickstart their learning today! Trailhead is our online gamified learning platform, designed to make mastering Salesforce engaging, painless and fun! Each learning path is defined as a ‘Trail’, which is further broken down into modules and units which can easily be worked into your day; with estimated timeframes provided for each. Some of the more advanced units even give you the opportunity to launch a ‘Playground Environment’ to test configurations and functionalities before deploying them live to your org.

All you need to do is to log in, pick a trail and start collecting those badges to reach “Ranger” status! Looking for an adoption quick win? Why not create some internal competition amongst your teams to see who gets there first! You can even download TrailTracker from the Salesforce AppExchange; a set of reports and dashboards used to monitor user progress.

3. Events Calendar

If you’re interested in engaging in more interactive learning, you can check out the Salesforce Success Events Calendar for a schedule of our live webinars. These live specialist workshops will give you further insight into cloud capabilities, and help you better understand how to get the most out of Salesforce. Have some unanswered questions after attending a webinar? Not to worry! Make sure to register for an upcoming Ask an Expertsession, and submit your questions on registration to ensure you get the answers you need.

4. Success Journey Hub

The Success Journey Hub is your one-stop shop for all of the “DIY” resources you need. This hub consists of step-by-step product paths, with videos, documentation, trails and best practice guides. These assets are all extremely useful when you’ve just purchased one of our products and want to dive straight in. You can begin at ‘Starting with the Basics’, and ‘Driving Adoption’, before moving on to ‘Optimising your Implementation’ as you move further along your Salesforce journey.

5. Trailblazer Community

Another effective way to engage with Salesforce experts and peers, is to leverage our communities; to learn and keep in touch with other Trailblazers. Our official groups are the best place for our customers to connect, learn, get inspired and stay up to date on the latest customer success resources. These groups are made up of Salesforce customers, partners, admins and employees, some with over 50,000 members, meaning you’re sure to get a fast response to your question no matter what time zone you’re in! Join the conversation here.


As you can see, there are so many tools and resources at your disposable as a Salesforce customer. This is a lot to take in, we know! But don’t worry, here’s an immediate first step to get the ball rolling. Check out the Getting Started with Sales Cloud Trail to learn the basics.