If there's one thing we learned from the COVID-19 pandemic, it's that we need each other. The crisis impacts everyone, reminding us that we’re all connected and need to assist one another during this difficult time. And this is exactly what the 'super' assistance service, TOOLTO, does.

Before we get into the details of how this SMB goes above and beyond for its customers, let's look at how their services work in a real-life scenario:

Alfonso is driving on a highway when his car is suddenly involved in a collision. But he doesn't need to call for assistance. Why? Because his insurance company is a TOOLTO customer.

The smart sensors in his car instantly notify TOOLTO of the accident. A rep calls Alfonso to check if he needs any medical assistance and sends a drone to capture footage of the collision. After assessing the damage, the rep books his car in for repairs, contacts his insurers, and orders the fastest available Uber to pick him up. 

To summarise, TOOLTO is a roadside Trailblazer. They are redefining emergency assistance with state-of-the-art technology to create seamless customer experiences. 


Here’s how they do it:


1. Keep customers at the heart of operations

“Salesforce helps us keep the customer at the heart of our operations and gives us the scalability to support our growth plans,” said Nuno Sobral, CEO at TOOLTO.

For Sobral, customer service is key. TOOLTO use a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system to track all interactions with their clients. It helps them understand what’s working while identifying areas of improvement. This is essential for maintaining long-lasting relationships and ensuring that their service is top-notch.

“We offer game-changing services to deliver more value to customers than the traditional insurance model,” said Sobral.


2. Drive productivity with the right technology

By utilising next-generation technology, such as augmented reality to decrease manual interventions, this assistance service has become an invaluable asset to customers. TOOLTO provides expert knowledge and the latest tech to its B2B customers (insurers, banks, etc.), allowing them to focus on selling more services.

But like all businesses, it needed a little assistance on its road to success. In 2017, TOOLTO implemented Service Cloud to scale up its business without impacting the quality of service. 

“To stay ahead of the game we have to innovate quickly, so having an adaptable platform that will grow with us was imperative,” said Sobral. “The beauty of Salesforce is that it takes the risk out of digital transformation: it’s totally scalable, it supports numerous integrations, and it’s flexible."

Today, his team of 30 customer service agents use Sales Cloud to streamline the customer experience, provide omnichannel inbound customer service, replace manual tasks with automated workflows, and much more.


3. Make better business decisions using data

For Sobral, using the data captured in Salesforce has become an important part of helping his team make smarter decisions.

“We’ve just started tracking performance metrics: in less than a year, our small team handled 40 million seconds of phone calls, and 52,750 cases,” stated Sobral. “Being able to drill down into that data means we can see the most common cases raised and make sure we have the resources in place to handle growing volumes of assistance requests as we scale.”

Access to better data also helps the sales team offer relevant promotions to customers. It gives them a full view of the customer journey and highlights opportunities to cross- or up-sell. 

Sobral and his team integrate Salesforce with their other systems to provide complete visibility across the entire business. For instance, the integration of Salesforce with their GPS platform provided reps with real-time maps, available from a central dashboard, so they could track each case as it unfolded. 

“Now if a customer wants to know where a tow truck is, the team can find it on the map and follow its progress from the depot until it reaches the customer,” said Sobral.

Keeping customers at the forefront, driving productivity with the right tech, and using data to improve customer service has helped this SMB rapidly scale their business. 


TOOLTO is a great example of how a small business can utilise its resources to provide excellent customer service. However, we understand that different businesses operate at separate paces and growth speeds. While some small businesses are excelling during this challenging time, others need additional support to stabilise their business. This is why we've created a list of resources for small businesses in the EU facing the COVID-19 pandemic, the Leading Through Change series, and much more. Get the resources your business needs so you can focus on making your customers happy!

Want to learn more about how TOOLTO goes above and beyond for their customers? Read the full story and learn how the road to success is paved with innovation!