Businesses everywhere are embarking on ambitious transformations. In order to adapt to the current climate, they must prepare themselves for an uncertain future. Customer-facing teams are under pressure to quickly adapt to new ways of working. They need to raise their game to provide ever-higher levels of empathetic, personalised service across an increasing number of touch points.

Alm. Brand, a Danish financial services company, offers a wide range of products that run the gamut from banking to pensions and insurance. And thanks to the digital age, they are no stranger to using technology to enhance connections to customers. Alm. Brand has realised the importance of being agile for several years. When they decided to update their working practices to meet the demands – and capitalise on the opportunities – of the digital age, they turned to Salesforce. By leveraging the power of Salesforce Service Cloud, Alm. Brand enhanced cross-departmental collaboration, streamlined long-standing processes, and turbo-charged their customer service.


Cross-channel experiences: connecting across all touch points

The digital transformation has rippled through Alm. Brand’s departments, allowing the company to embark on a journey to enjoy a 360° view of its business activities for the first time in its 225-year history. Leads are tracked in Sales Cloud, and then onboarded as clients in Community Cloud. Meanwhile, Advertising Studio and Marketing Cloud work synergistically to craft bespoke, cross-channel experiences. Behind the scenes, Service Cloud powers people-centric service and keeps customer satisfaction high.

Today, over 90% of Alm. Brand’s workforce uses Salesforce to perform their job. This level of integration makes it easy to pivot, so the challenges of remote working, such as moving over 200 customer-facing employees from the office to working at home, while maintaining both productivity and customer satisfaction, have been easy to overcome.

As Silje Stougaard, Product Owner at Alm. Brand, points out, “having all systems, both front-end and back-end, based in the cloud makes it possible to transition smoothly between different ways of doing business. We’re all working with the same system, all following the same processes, on all our platforms. In some ways, everything’s the same, even while the way we work is evolving.”

It’s no surprise that Alm. Brand has ambitious plans for its digital future. “Sometimes we fall into the trap of doing things a certain way simply out of habit,” Silje observes. “Now we have the opportunity to ask, is this really the smartest process? How could we do it more efficiently? In the future we see a more digital and connected world.”

In fact, some of Alm. Brand’s teams feel that the company’s emphasis on maintaining collaboration in this time of transition has actually brought them closer than ever, not only to their colleagues, but also to their customers. As Silje explains, “This turbulent time has made Alm. Brand much more connected, both to each other and to our customers. After all, we’re all in it together.”


Digital solutions: envisioning a more connected world

For companies looking to navigate the current crisis and stabilise their business – while integrating platforms that help meet customers’ rising expectations and offer memorable customer journeys – the importance of digital solutions can’t be overstated.

After all, it was Alm. Brand’s timely digital transformation and concern for remaining agile that allowed it to thrive where other businesses have faltered, and its employees to feel closer than ever, even at a distance.

Whether businesses want to leverage technology to provide exceptional customer service in difficult times, to better handle decentralised work forces in a rapidly changing climate, to provide better data and drive better decisions, or to integrate various departments – or to do all of the above, like Alm. Brand – Salesforce has the perfect forward-thinking solution for the here-and-now.

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