Today’s customers are not only demanding personalised customer experiences, they are also moving away from offline retail outlets and onto online channels. Especially, in the climate of the “New Normal”. Bugaboo’s website has seen an explosion of demand in recent months. But despite customer’s appetite for virtual experiences, they still hanker after the confidence that real-world product interactions provide.

As a result, Bugaboo is having to pivot in order to showcase the high quality and sturdy engineering of their strollers to parents. Online shoppers may never test-drive – or even touch – the product in person before they order. This involves coming up with new ways to inspire and engage their customers. The goal is to create rock-solid connections and built lasting customer relationships.


Parents want a safer world and products

There are few certainties in life, especially in today’s turbulent world. But one thing is for sure: parents will always want the best for their children. To create an enduring product, Bugaboo’s premium strollers and travel systems are designed and engineered in the Netherlands. Then, they are sold to expectant parents in 50 countries around the world.

Buying a stroller is a big – and often emotional – purchase, with the average customer taking around 10 months to move from first thinking about strollers, to deciding on a brand and model, to finally making their purchase. Along the way, the customer journey takes in a uniquely broad range of touch points – everything from online reviews to personal recommendations, parenting websites, and conversations with specialists in brick-and mortar showrooms.


Using Commerce Cloud to assist expecting parents

Helping Bugaboo to navigate the changing environment is Salesforce Commerce Cloud. This cloud-based trading solution enables the development of bespoke customer experiences. It also allows for the seamless management of touch points across a wide range of channels. Its ‘mobile-first’ strategy is crucial in allowing companies to vastly expand their reach. Mobility also helps maintain that all-important emotional connection to their customers while inspiring them with new and innovative online experiences. As Salesforce’s Shopping Index shows, digital innovation is key to capturing customers.

As in parenting, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to building customer relationships, but Commerce Cloud is flexible enough to adapt to whatever strategy is needed. For Bugaboo, this may take the form of custom AR or VR experiences, which satisfy expectant parents’ desire to explore and test products by bringing them to life in a highly realistic and immersive way. It will also undoubtedly involve managing the large volume of data the company has collected over its history, allowing them to streamline their communications and reach out to customers in the most personal, most engaging way.


Creating memorable customer experiences

Bugaboo is now in its twentieth year. Meaning, the first babies to explore the world from the comfort of a Bugaboo stroller are now at university, or entering the world of work. And in a few years, they may be starting families of their own. By maintaining customer relationships and building memorable journeys, Bugaboo may now have the opportunity to supply strollers to a second generation of customers.

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