Blockchain is the newest technology sweeping the business world. With its unique security and accountability benefits, blockchain is poised to disrupt a lot of industries.

Blockchain is a transparent and secure ledger that uses a decentralised system to enable secure transactions, often used with cryptocurrencies. It’s a mechanism to bring everyone to a high degree of accountability, and its possibilities are being realised for a variety of industries beyond cryptocurrency.


Benefits of blockchain

Blockchain is a decentralised digital ledger or data structure that creates a chain of transactions that are shared among a distributed network. With no central authority, blockchain puts the power in the peer network to ensure greater security and reduced risk of fraud. There’s also no single point of failure or vulnerability for cyberattacks, so it’s a secure and virtually incorruptible technology.

With everyone in the network holding copies of transactions, it’s nearly impossible to miss errors or hide transactions. This level of transparency and accountability isn’t found in traditional technology.

Blockchain applications can help other businesses get started with blockchain. By targeting the challenges that business owners face when trying to launch and operate within the blockchain market, this technology platform guides end-users and blockchain startups to improve speed and success.


1. Healthcare innovation with digital infrastructure

Healthcare is experiencing numerous innovations with blockchain. Collaborative healthcare applications can help build a new digital infrastructure to handle unique challenges in the healthcare industry, enable payment efficiency, and secure patient data.


2. Financial ecosystem built on blockchain

Some financial blockchain applications have the potential to change the world. With a financial ecosystem built on blockchain, the global economy is accessible to millions of people around the world. This technology combines blockchain as a core platform for financial services and technology startups, ICO and distributed ownership instead of shareholders, biometrics for security, and an investment fund for start-up funding acquisition.


3. Operating system for impact economy

Blockchain is the new protocol and operating system for impact economy. Applications like this bring together individuals and organisations within one platform to record charitable activity, volunteer, and social contributions. Within this platform, anyone can evaluate and trade verified impact data to make a difference.


4. Blockchain for health record security

Cyberattacks have become more of a problem for hospitals and medical facilities. Blockchain technology could help secure healthcare records for every stage of the process to comply with privacy laws and protect patient privacy. The technology is built on a user-friendly database platform that gives both healthcare providers and patients access to healthcare information.



Blockchain technology keeps embarking on new frontiers and changing the way people interact and do business with one another. Blockchain is showing the greatest promise in finance and healthcare, but more and more businesses are discovering its unique capabilities.

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