A brand-new global webshop, available in 26 countries, was built in just four months. And while it sounds like an ideal timeframe, the work was extensive: a platform migration, new design, and the implementation of a brand new content management system. This was the challenge Dept took on for the Dutch-based pushchair innovator Bugaboo. Through intensive collaboration, smart solutions, extensive knowledge of Salesforce Commerce Cloud, and groundbreaking innovation, Bugaboo.com is now live. A future-proof, contemporary webshop.


Worldwide Rollout

In June 2019, Dept started the migration of Bugaboo’s webshop to Salesforce Commerce Cloud. Since they have a global active webshop, their site could not be offline even for a minute. Additionally, the launch had to be accompanied by a global rollout in 26 countries to ensure that everyone’s child, no matter where they are in the world, can be transported in a cool, comfortable, and customised fashion.

One of the crucial components of making this project happen so quickly was the use of Salesforce's new Page Designer feature. But why did Dept use Salesforce and how did Page Designer contribute to building Bugaboo’s new webshop? We sat down Tim de Kamper, Director of Commerce at Dept, to learn how they completed such an ambitious project.


Why Salesforce?

"Bugaboo wanted to grow its online presence significantly. But they felt that their existing systems, processes, and data were limiting them rather than empowering their team to grow the business. They were constantly working to overcome the complexity of their existing infrastructure.

Dept has been partners with Salesforce for over ten years and we have found it to be a practical solution for both commerce and marketing. Therefore, when Bugaboo approached us for this project, we immediately thought that Salesforce Commerce Cloud would be the best tool to use as it offers customers a uniform experience throughout their entire journey. This creates personalised experiences for consumers resulting in higher relevance, more sales, and enhanced customer satisfaction."


How did you approach this project?

"We needed to balance Bugaboo's ambitions and those of the designers and developers involved while also implementing new Salesforce Commerce Cloud technology, and meeting the hard deadline of Black Friday. So we used the Page Designer tool as it enabled Bugaboo content managers to swiftly create and modify components on their website in a visual manner. While Bugaboo invested in a Salesforce Commerce Cloud specialist we, at Dept, could focus on building rich UI components with Page Designer.

Since the brand offers a unique product that is configurable, this aspect required customisation. For example, we developed a configurator with which a pushchair can be compiled by the customer. Overall, we created their webshop, applied UX patterns, and made maximum use of the standard features included in SFCC to save costs and lead time."


What was the result?

“Using SFCC and Page designer, we created 26 websites in various languages,” says Tim. “Bugaboo regional merchandising teams now have full flexibility in launching region-specific campaigns or country-specific pages (in their respective languages) and have items available in selected markets."

Thomas Stegelmann, Director of Global eCommerce and Integrations at Bugaboo also commented, stating that, “Dept came up with a design that perfectly matches the Bugaboo brand identity. By working together, we managed to launch all sites the week before Black Friday and even broke the record for the most revenue coming through our website in one day.”

Eva Heffernan, Regional Vice President Salesforce Commerce Cloud Benelux, commented on the results as well. “I am personally very emotionally attached to Bugaboo, as I used their strollers for my little girls - I am a big fan!” Heffernan states. “We are so delighted to support Bugaboo, as they offer their customers a great online experience. As usual, Dept has delivered a fantastic implementation - they are an impressive Salesforce Commerce partner.”


Any tips for others in the field who are considering such a large implementation project?

Thomas starts to respond, stating, “During the integration process, there are times where we could have made decisions quicker which would have saved us and those we worked with some time and effort. Not every decision needs to be heavily debated so pick your battles wisely.”

“It may seem silly to say but be sure that you have the right people on the team to get the job done as this will make the process much more efficient,” Tim adds. “So for example, in this scenario, Bugaboo invested in Salesforce Commerce Cloud specialists to lead the internal team. This sped up the implementation process as the stroller company was equipped with the necessary knowledge and expertise to make the process happen.”

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