More than 700 Futureforce interns have joined our global Ohana this summer across every region and within each of our business segments. Highly motivated and eager to learn as much as they can, our summer interns are busy preparing themselves and Salesforce for the future.

This year’s theme, ‘Leave it better than you found it’, refers to the overall impact an intern can make during their time spent with Salesforce. Wait, there’s more! It also ties into our sustainability commitment to consider our footprint while planting those seeds for the future. In short, doing business and doing good.

And these interns sure do: so far they have smashed their goal to complete 1,500 VTO hours in Q2...way ahead of schedule! Did we mention we have THE BEST interns? And let’s not forget about our amazing Futureforce team, who re-imagined the summer internship in a fully virtual environment in close partnership with our hiring managers and senior leadership. Awesome teams supporting awesome interns.

In EMEA, 59 interns started on 16th June across SE, Sales, Alliances and Channels, Security, Legal and Marketing. They join us (yes, virtually) from Spain, Italy, The Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Norway, UK and Ireland. So let’s get to know some of these Futureforce geniuses and hear how they are experiencing their summer internship.


How has the Futureforce internship been so far?


Monique Odunsi, Legal Intern from London, UK describes it in one word: insightful. ‘I am meeting so many new people every single day and each person has taught me something, whether it’s work related or just a general life lesson.’


Frances Hoare, Demand Generation Marketing Intern from Offaly, Ireland couldn’t agree more: ‘From day one I have been given responsibility and entrusted with tasks that are helping me grow both professionally and personally.’


Annemarie Scheepers, Private Equity Practice Intern from Rotterdam, The Netherlands is hooked on our own Salesforce platform: ‘It's been an inspiring, dynamic and interesting experience. I never used Salesforce properly before joining and now I can't imagine working without it.'


Why did you choose Salesforce?


Jesme Habets, Sales & Solution Engineering Intern from Rotterdam, The Netherlands, chose Salesforce because of its unique culture of continuous learning, giving back, and being part of an inclusive Ohana. ‘It offers endless opportunities to network and have fun, while working with innovative tech solutions that continue to shape the world around us!’


Jens Okos, Sales/SE Intern from Baden-Württemberg, Germany, agrees, the Salesforce culture is unique: ‘I experienced the Salesforce platform in a previous internship, and I have been convinced about its significance ever since. But now, experiencing the company culture first-hand has just enforced this feeling.’


Saskia Higgins, Sales Intern from Dublin, Ireland chose Salesforce for our 1:1:1 model, committing 1% of our time, 1% of our equity, and 1% of our products to nonprofits: ‘Giving back and volunteering is important to me and I wanted to work for a company which emulates that.’


What is it like to do a fully virtual internship?


Pablo Gonzalez Bedia, Sales Intern from Madrid, Spain admits it is very different, but it is not necessarily a bad thing: ‘Futureforce has managed to adapt quickly and create a 100% virtual summer intern program where everyone feels happy and motivated.’


Jesme Habets agrees: ‘I’m extremely grateful Salesforce was able to change course and organise a fully virtual internship in these challenging times! We still have plentiful online social activities for instance, for which we even receive goodies (like UberEats, coffee or painting kits) right on our doormat!’


What has been your highlight up to now?


Frances Hoare is most impressed by the people at Salesforce: ‘Each person is open and willing to help. Challenging times can shed light on a company’s true values and Salesforce really impressed me — even in these trying times their culture and Ohana spirit continues to thrive.’

Nearly all of our Futureforce Interns were super excited about the Speaker Series, and felt that hearing from Salesforce employees and leaders across the globe and across the organisation was, to name a few of the sentiments: insightful, motivating, engaging, unique.


What’s your golden tip for those interested in joining Salesforce?


Annemarie Scheepers sums it up perfectly: ‘Go for it! I can honestly say that there is no one-size-fits-all Salesforce intern profile. There's a place for everyone at Salesforce. Show what makes you unique and apply, you never know what might happen!'

Monique, Frances, Annemarie, Jesme, Jens, Saskia, Pablo and all other Futureforce interns, it’s great having you as part of our EMEA Ohana.