Belgian marketers want to be at the forefront of innovation. Our recently published sixth “State of Marketing” report contains insights of nearly 7,000 marketing leaders worldwide.

How are Belgian marketers doing in comparison to the rest of the world? What are the primary goals for Belgian marketers in 2020? What are the differences between the priorities and challenges of Belgian marketers compared to the rest of the marketers worldwide? How are technologies and developments like 5G, new regulations, and expanding online population used?

These are just a few important questions that we explored in the sixth “State of Marketing” report. Find out all the answers and discover where Belgian marketers rank globally and how they are at the forefront of innovation.


The interactive marketing dashboard

The interactive dashboard created with business intelligence software Tableau (part of Salesforce) allows you to compare the trends of key indicators from the 6th edition of our State of Marketing survey with interviews of more than 7,000 marketing leaders in more than 30 countries around the world.

In our blog post “The 6th State of Marketing Report: Marketing Has Changed!” you will discover the key findings from the report: an even greater emphasis on marketing transformation, priority on innovation regarding customer engagement, and the great importance of empathic marketing. Read the report to see what this entails and how to achieve it.

A sneak preview? You can achieve this with additional skills, a data-driven approach, and an increase in the use of artificial intelligence applications. Belgian managers expect to use the new 5G technology and developments like new regulations and expanding the online population in the coming years.

Want to know more about the research? Check out this blog post, or download the complete sixth edition of the State of Marketing report.


How are Belgian marketers doing?

How is Belgium positioned? Find out in the dashboard below. You can compare the priorities, challenges, and metrics of multiple countries using the menu. Comparing the data provides interesting insights and evaluation possibilities based on market and cultural differences.


Summary of Belgian Marketer's top challenges and priorities

  • The most important challenges for marketers in Belgium are insufficient organisational structure and processes, engaging customers in real-time, and creating cohesive customer journeys across channels and devices. 
  • For Dutch marketers, they are engaging customers in real-time and creating cohesive customer journeys across channels and devices, while in Germany struggles to comply with privacy regulations and driving innovation. 
  • Belgium isn’t the only country where insufficient organisational structure and processes are an issue. Australia/New Zealand, Canada, Israel, and the Nordics also struggle with this challenge. 
  • Belgium has innovation as their top priority, just like the rest of the world. Especially with the COVID-19 pandemic, adaption to change is vital. 
  • The top metric in Belgium is customer satisfaction metrics, which is only ranked #4 globally. Revenue, which is the top metric worldwide, is one of the least important metrics in Belgium, ranking 10th on the board. 
  • For marketing activities and the personalisation of customer journeys, we use the same amount of data sources (average 15 in 2020) as the Netherlands and Italy. However, we use more than France (10), US (10), Germany (8), and the United Kingdom (8). 
  • The distribution of B2C and B2B budgets is very similar. In the B2B budgets Account Based Marketing takes up a significant share (12%) of the budget.
  • The top AI use case for Belgian marketers is to personalise individual channel experience. Creating bespoke customer journeys is a top priority.
The full Salesforce State of Marketing report 2020 contains all data and explanations of the different parameters. The dashboard was created with Tableau Analytics, based on original Salesforce data and processed by The Information Lab Italia.