Finance Trailblazer Santander Bank Polska has gone live with Salesforce Customer 360 in Poland, enabling them to deliver best-in-class services to their business customers. Salesforce Customer 360 aggregates a complete view of the bank’s customers in one central hub, enabling Santander Bank Polska to deliver cross-channel experiences that delight customers.

Santander Bank Polska works with business, corporate customers, and has been on the road to digital transformation. They are the third-largest bank in Poland and are dedicated to providing efficient, intuitive, and supportive services to its customers. 

Global consulting firm Accenture supported Santander Bank Polska during the implementation of Salesforce Customer 360 to deliver the personalised experiences Santander customers expect, at scale.

“We focus on customers at all times, which is why we systematically improve the quality of customer service. We wanted to create a platform that would further increase the efficiency and convenience of servicing business customers. Our new, cloud-based CRM will benefit customers by significantly improving the work of our advisors and all units that provide services to them — we designed the system for their benefit and with their participation. We now have a CRM that can evolve according to the organisation’s needs and respond to customer expectations in real time,” says Łukasz Geldner, Director of the Transaction Banking Development Division at Santander Bank Polska.

As the first of its kind in Poland, Santander Bank Polska has implemented a cloud-based CRM that allows them to serve its business customers remotely. The new platform is a significant step forward in uniting different departments of the bank under one single source of truth for customer data and bringing the company closer to its customers.

With Salesforce Customer 360, all of Santander Bank Polska’s advisors will have immediate online access to all crucial information necessary for a smooth and quick response to the customer’s needs and questions. Customer interactions from all channels, including the history of cases, requests, and all previous interactions will be located in one place. This will enable corporate customers to have their needs met and resolve any issue that they may have in a single touch point with the bank, thus giving them back more time to manage their own business.

Santander Bank Polska tailored Salesforce to their needs. They selected the platform because it meets the regulatory requirements for the financial sector, and its appropriate configuration and integration with the bank’s systems helps to ensure the security of customer data. The new platform is flexible, can scale easily, and is cloud-based, which enables the bank to adapt to market needs in record time for this sector.

“Every implementation of CRM in banking poses a major integration challenge. Accenture supported Santander Bank Polska in the implementation of the Salesforce platform, adapting CRM to banking processes, integrating it with the bank’s systems, and migrating data to a fully secured cloud environment. We are glad that by using our experience in implementing complex IT projects and expertise in the CRM area, we had the honour to support Santander Bank Polska in reaching the next step on the path of digital transformation,” says Krzysztof Rudko, Managing Director, Accenture Polska.

“We are proud that Santander Bank Polska became a trailblazer. Thanks to our wide experience in the banking sector, we can create the world’s best CRM solutions that have been implemented by banks around the world. The Salesforce ecosystem comprises not only CRM but also many other solutions that comprehensively support digital transformation. We are convinced that the bank’s customers and employees will feel the benefits of implementing the new Salesforce CRM, supported by Accenture, very soon ”
says Petra Jenner, General Manager and Senior Vice President, Salesforce.

If you'd like to meet our trailblazer, Santander bank Polska, check out the upcoming Salesforce Live event on the 27th of October @ 9:30 - 17:00 CET.

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