The Salesforce Platform is the #1 enterprise cloud platform in the world. offering a single, scalable platform for Salesforce applications. Essentially, it’s a one-stop-shop for all of your business needs. It provides an intelligent ecosystem for creating, managing, buying, and optimising apps, all backed by Salesforce’s secure and carbon-neutral cloud infrastructure.

The Salesforce Platform is a great tool for organisations looking to transform their businesses, navigate change, and offer exceptional experiences in the face of the new digital imperative.

So how does the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform rise above the competition? How can it help businesses become the best they can be? Let’s take a look under the hood.


How does the Salesforce Platform compare to other solutions?

When it comes to creating apps, companies generally have four choices: on-premise solutions, infrastructure as a service (IaaS), software as a service (SaaS), and platform as a service (PaaS).

On-premise solutions require an IT team to create the entire solution, making it an expensive and time-consuming method. 

Infrastructure as a service
supports IT departments with managed storage, network security, and scalable pricing. However, IaaS still requires heavy lifting from IT workers, who have to integrate data, build apps, and manage users.

Platform as a service
offers everything that IaaS offers, plus operating systems, middleware, and the tools needed to build and deploy apps quickly, integrate data and manage the apps. Salesforce was the first company to deliver PaaS to global businesses, and it’s still reliably delivering for its customers.

Software as a service
offers apps that are ready to go right out of the box. These cloud-based apps are built on an underlying platform and generally delivered by monthly subscription. Salesforce has been a global leader in SaaS for over two decades.

So, what is the Salesforce Platform? Well, for businesses looking to find cost-effective solutions, deploy apps quickly, lighten the load on their IT departments, or create ready-to-go apps that don’t need a lot of internal development, the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform is the perfect partner. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the advantages of the Salesforce Platform. 

What can you do with the Salesforce Platform?

Up your app game

The Salesforce Platform enables CIOs to develop apps quickly and intelligently – in any language and for any device – and then easily manage them all in a single cloud-based environment. The best part: every app has a mobile option.

Deliver amazing customer journeys

The current digital imperative has pushed businesses to engage with their customers in new and better ways. The demand for outstanding, connected customer experiences is substantial. In an age when a majority of our data has been created in just the last few years, customers now expect seamless digital journeys across a range of devices. The digital explosion has raised the bar for customer service, but the Salesforce Platform can help you meet and exceed these increased expectations.

Customise your experience

Businesses that are already utilising apps like Sales Cloud can use the Salesforce Platform to tailor their experience by device and user, optimising it for their unique needs. They can also add Chatter, a social collaboration tool that connects the workforce, shares data between users, and nurtures collaboration both internally and externally.

Take the office everywhere

The Salesforce Platform’s built-in security and shared-data model means that you’ll have access to your data from any place, at any time. In today’s world, where workforces are out of the office and on the go, staying connected is paramount. The Salesforce Platform enables you to work anywhere from Toulouse to Timbuktu, on the mobile device of your choice.

Create an innovative culture

The world is constantly searching for Trailblazers, who Lead Through Change, and the workplace is no different. Being able to quickly build and deploy apps built on a carbon-neutral cloud is essential. It eliminates having to suffer the long lag times associated with on-premise solutions. So you can respond faster to changes in the marketplace and address new business priorities on the fly. Staying agile not only enables businesses to be better prepared to meet unexpected challenges, but it also helps create an innovative mindset in the workforce.

Free up the workforce

If you’re still wondering, what is the Salesforce Platform?’, then let’s take a moment to go over the basics. It’s more than a launchpad towards better business; it can function like another employee – or even a whole team of them.

Businesses can use the Salesforce Platform to:

  • automate a high-volume of tasks in the pipeline,

  • reduce repetitive assignments that eat up valuable man-hours,/p>

  • enable employees to concentrate on more important work.

And, with access to a customisable platform and the ability to undertake self-learning journeys, the workforce will be more empowered than ever.

Leverage the AppExchange

A marketplace for business apps, Salesforce’s AppExchange puts a world of new tools at your fingertips. With over 3,000 apps and components, AppExchange offers tools for every role and department, including IT, marketing, sales, and more.

Use pre-built components to design your own app, find industry-specific consultants to help guide you on your transformation journey, or become a partner to click-and-code your way towards creating a better tomorrow. The AppExchange is a one-stop-shop for turbo-charging your business!

Unify your ecosystem

Salesforce offers several different products and solutions, including Sales Cloud, Commerce Cloud, and more. The Salesforce Customer 360 Platform makes it easy to unify these solutions.


Check out the Salesforce Platform Tour and Demo to see how it works!


Optimise your business with the Salesforce Platform

So, what is the Salesforce Platform? It’s a way to take the office on the road, to customise your world, to connect teams, and to optimise your workforce. It’s a place where businesses can discover forward-thinking apps and transform their organisations to face the future, one solution at a time. Put simply, the Salesforce Platform is a way to get the best out of your business.

See what the Salesforce Customer 360 Platform can do for you and stop by Trailhead – Salesforce’s learning-experience platform – to discover how to get the most out of AppExchange. You can even create a custom learning playlist while you’re there!