Next-gen tech is already transforming our landscape. You can see it in everything from AR marketing campaigns and 5G towers to self-driving cars circling the streets of San Francisco. Next-gen tech will radically reshape our world, and the time to prepare for it is now.

For industries like Financial Services and Healthcare, next-gen tech promises to be a revolutionary accelerator and enabler. Just imagine AI-powered hedge fund managers armed with amazing analytics or AI systems that can diagnose diseases, prescribe treatments, and create medications far faster than any human doctor. With next-gen tech, the future of Financial Services and Healthcare will be smarter, quicker, more democratic, and more efficient. The next technological frontier is shimmering just over the horizon – and Deloitte is racing towards it like a bullet train.


How Deloitte is doing more with digital solutions

Deloitte is the largest professional services network in the world. Although it’s been around since 1845, Deloitte is known for being remarkably forward thinking, prescient and innovative. Deloitte is also something of a digital pioneer, helping organisations around the globe transform their businesses with new strategies and cutting-edge technologies, including Salesforce platforms.

In the age of digital transformation, Deloitte and Salesforce are using digital solutions to nurture agility, resilience, and creativity across industries. And in an age when next-gen tech can offer surprising benefits, Deloitte can help businesses maximise those opportunities.

Here are some of Deloitte’s insights into how new technologies are shaping the future of the Financial Services and Healthcare industries.


What are the next steps for digital transformation in Financial Services?

AI in Financial Services will be a game-changer, especially when it comes to improving the customer experience. All industries are faced with increased customer expectations in the New Normal, and FSI is no exception. According to a Gartner report, 86% of marketing leaders expect to compete mostly or solely based on customer experience by 2021.

Leveraging digital technologies to optimise the human experience is a no-brainer, and FSI firms that aren’t already doing so are falling behind the pack. Today’s customers expect seamless, omnichannel journeys across touchpoints. In other words, they want an “Amazon-like experience”, even from FSI firms. To provide this, businesses should be able to collect and analyse data to anticipate their customers’ needs, and then use that information to design exceptional customer experiences.

Creating brand advocates is a focal point for many companies, so organisations shouldn’t overlook customer service. A Deloitte analysis of hundreds of thousands of social media posts found that people were more likely to complain about telephone service experiences than any other interaction. Improving these experiences should be a priority for businesses, as they’re a great way to gain a competitive advantage. Deloitte recommends the use of solutions like Service Cloud Voice to help build better relationships.


How next-gen technologies are impacting the Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is evolving, as the focus is increasingly shifting from the needs of healthcare organisations to the needs of patients, with most care delivery now taking place outside of healthcare facilities. There’s also an increased focus on mental, spiritual, and financial wellbeing, making for a more holistic view of ‘health’.

The rise of AI in healthcare has also led to a greater focus on prevention and early diagnosis. Next-gen technologies will empower customers by providing them with better visibility into their health, enabling them to have more control over their care. For instance, a gamified e-therapy app is already helping New Zealand teens build resilience by teaching them in-game lessons that can be applied to real-life situations. The rise of AR and VR will only continue to nurture these kinds of immersive learning experiences.

As we move forwards, emerging technologies such as robotics, drones, and sensors will redefine the boundaries of what patients consider possible. First, though, organisations will need to earn the trust of the consumers:


Next-gen technologies will also help automate many routine procedures, both in the operating room and in the back office. Things like deep-learning algorithms, machine learning, and AI for human-centred design will stretch boundaries and imaginations.

The future is an exciting place, and with AI in financial services and AI in healthcare, it’s also a limitless one.


Join Deloitte at Salesforce Live: Benelux

To hear more about Deloitte’s vision for a digital future, join us for Salesforce Live: Benelux on the 7th of October. This virtual event will feature business leaders and industry experts from around the world, as they discuss digital transformation and demo some fantastic new technologies. Deloitte will be at the event as part of the Healthcare Innovation Industry Track and the Financial Services Innovation Track, along with FinServ Trailblazers, AppExchange partners, and Solution Engineers. We’ll see you there.