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Jena is a vital hub for Salesforce, where much of our European core engineering teams are based. This office is situated in the thriving university town, over 300km northeast of Frankfurt. Want to learn more about what life and work are like at the Jena office? Read about Software Engineering student worker, Larissa Strauch’s experience so far:



Name: Larissa Strauch

Role: Software Engineering Student Worker

Team: CC Productivity

Location: Jena, Germany


Tell us a little bit about what you do

In my role on the CC Productivity team, I work on two projects, ‘Customisation Browser’ and ‘Architecture Browser’. In this context, the Architecture Browser is a tool that allows for browsing the source code structures of Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital application servers and other Commerce Cloud applications. The Customisation Browser is a tool that allows for browsing the structures of customisations running on Salesforce Commerce Cloud Digital application servers.


Why did you choose the Salesforce role at Jena?

In connection with my Master’s studies in ‘Computational and Data Science’, I wanted to gain the first practical experience for my later professional life. Jena is a beautiful city. Half of the residents are students, so it is a very lively, young city that has a lot to offer, which I really love. What I love about Jena are the mountains, which you can climb to the top within a half-hour walk and have a wonderful view of the city. But in general, the city offers many cultural and leisure activities.


How has the education/work/life balance been?

In non-COVID-19 times, it was very convenient that the Jena office is right next to the university campus, which made it very easy for me to switch between lectures and work. But even now, everyone is very still always considerate when it comes to the exam phase, and when I need more time for the university or myself.


What is your top tip for students considering a role in the Jena office/area?

Do not be shy and simply apply. Everyone here is very friendly and will help you with whatever you need.

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