Promote growth is probably at the top of every business’s wish list in the New Normal, but uncertainty and instability have made it challenging to imagine the world beyond the COVID-19 pandemic.

Squint past the fog of daily disruptions and we can see a faster, better-connected world, where businesses and customers have more meaningful relationships. It’s also a world where technology brings us to incredible places, and where ‘experiences’ complement products in fascinating ways. This ‘Next Normal’ isn’t far away.

So how can today’s businesses prepare themselves to be leaders in this new frontier? How can they create a strategy to promote growth and nurture long-term wellness beyond the COVID-19 pandemic?

Let’s find out.


Focus on wellbeing to promote growth beyond the COVID-19 pandemic

All strategies in the New Normal need to start from a baseline of safety. It’s crucial that businesses ensure the wellbeing of their workforce and customers. Businesses that don’t establish safety-first protocols risk losing the trust of consumers and employees, so navigating this issue should be near the top of the agenda. Here are some tools and resources that companies can use to promote growth and wellness in the current climate. helps businesses put safety first

For companies looking to manage wellness and preparedness data to create a safer workplace, is a great place to start. offers tools and solutions for managing a crisis, as well as insights and tips from business leaders around the world.

Here are just some of the ways that’s Workplace Command Centre can help businesses, even beyond the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Track and manage all employee wellness data in one place

  • Customise and deploy workflow and apps to get back to work safely

  • Schedule shifts to avoid potentially dangerous congestion in high-traffic areas

  • Can function as an add-on to Sales Cloud and Service Cloud 

Simply put, helps alleviate workplace uncertainty and lets businesses get back to doing business.


Contact tracing safeguards the workforce

Businesses need a healthy, agile, and resilient workforce to promote growth. Contact-tracing tools are a necessity for monitoring the wellbeing of the workforce and tracking potential outbreaks. But not all employees are on board with contact-tracing apps that utilise automated surveillance. That’s why Salesforce developed a manual contact-tracing tool that puts employee privacy first.


Emergency Response Management helps businesses thrive

Being prepared is the first step – being agile is the next. Every minute counts in a crisis, and Salesforce’s Emergency Response Management for the Public Sector helps communities, individuals and companies respond to emergencies quickly and efficiently.

Organisations can use Emergency Response Management for the Public Sector to:

  • Provide a single view of all requests and approvals across the organisation  

  • Use mobile apps to connect and empower emergency response field workers 

  • Attain mission readiness in a matter of days rather than months 

Salesforce also offers Emergency Response for Public Health, which helps healthcare organisations provide more personal service, track patients’ journeys, and better safeguard communities.


Now’s the time to move forward and promote growth

When the landscape is changing quickly and everything demands attention, it can be hard to know where to look. But establishing a health-first mindset and workplace is a good place to start. Not only will your workforce be thankful, but they’ll also be more productive. 

In an era where the guidebook for productivity has been thrown out the window – and tasks that used to take office-based employees months are suddenly being accomplished by remote workforces in weeks — we know the potential of an empowered workforce.   

Once that workforce is protected, motivated, and driven, they can aim for the horizon and whatever challenges may come. For businesses looking to promote growth, it all starts with promoting wellness.

To find more information on tackling the challenges posed by the pandemic, download the COVID-19 Response Playbook today. And to see tools, strategies, and insights for creating a safer and more productive workplace, visit