DreamTX was an amazing event packed with plenty of insights, information, and tips about doing business in an uncertain time. On day three of the Dreamforce 2020 virtual event, Salesforce’s Tyler Lunceford and Maureen Maggioni discussed some of the ways the world is changing and how businesses can stay ahead. 

Here are some of the highlights from the session, The State of Digital: Top Consumer Trends & Insights of 2020.


Three 2020 consumer trends that are reshaping the business landscape

Trend 1: The digital-first consumer is here to stay

Lockdown measures have led to a boom in e-commerce, contactless pickup, and shopping through social media. Many consumers who had been traditional brick-and-mortar shoppers suddenly found themselves pushed onto new channels — and are now there to stay. This has raised the bar for the customer experience and businesses need to evolve to meet increased expectations. 

As Maureen Maggioni, Director of Product Marketing at Salesforce, says, “Seemingly overnight, everything went digital. As we’ve progressed into 2020 it’s become clear that many of these trends aren’t going away. The question that every business should be asking themselves is, ‘how are we adapting to stay relevant to our customer?’”

Trend 2: Agility is more important than ever

As new challenges arise, more and more pressure is being put on the workforce. But how can businesses empower employees to keep up? Maureen Maggioni suggests that flexibility and transformation are at the heart of the matter. Businesses need to create a culture of innovation and agility.

One that doesn’t punish failure, but instead encourages rapid experimentation and celebrates learning.”

Maureen Maggioni

Trend 3: Personalisation is the key to the new climate

Personalisation is perhaps the most important trend in the new climate. Consumers now expect highly personalised customer journeys across touch-points. According to Salesforce’s State of the Connected Customer report, 84% of today’s consumers say that the experience a business provides is as important as its products or services. 

But how can a business provide the highly personal journey that today’s customers demand? According to Maggioni, it starts with a good foundation of data. 

The wealth of data and all the sources it comes from can be a challenge. Your North Star here is relevance.”

Maureen Maggioni

Tips from Maureen Maggioni for offering personalised experiences:

  • Utilise a platform that can unite data from disparate sources to produce a single identity for every customer

  • Personalise offers and campaigns to match your audience

  • Create personalised experiences based on when customers are engaging in their journey. New customers would likely receive different offers and messaging than returning ones

  • Focus on trust. Make sure that the data you gather is provided by consent, and that it’s used in an ethical manner


Which way is your business trending in 2020?

According to Maureen Maggioni, a business’s North Star should be ‘relevance’. Indeed, in the New Normal and beyond, providing relevant experiences is imperative. To do that, companies need the right technologies, strategies, and skills. But with these three trends to guide them, the future looks bright. 

Watch the entire The State of Digital: Top Consumer Trends & Insights of 2020 session now!