This year’s virtual Dreamforce to You 2020 event has come to an end. But if you didn’t manage to attend a live session, you can still catch up with everything you missed. For the first time, we’ve made hundreds of sessions from the 4-day event available to view on demand.

You can dive in from anywhere, at any time! Catch up on everything from memorable keynote speeches to information-packed interviews with thought leaders and Trailblazers. 

A particular session that caught me on Monday’s Dreamforce to You 2020 line-up was the Transform Consumer Experiences session. It focused on the importance of creating exceptional customer experiences, and the ways in which Customer 360 Guides can help.


Three key takeaways from the Transform Customer Experiences session

1. Competition is fierce

Competition has never been more intense than it is today. It transcends traditional industry and product boundaries. Look at Instagram which shifted from being a social media tool to a virtual shopping mall. Now, users can get inspired, browse, and buy, right from the app. 

Meanwhile, the retail giant Walmart is branching out into media and entertainment. Old preconceptions about which brands can compete with each other are falling away. The global landscape is opening up new opportunities and allowing businesses to be competitive in new verticals. 

2. Customer experience is king

Why has the competitive landscape shifted so dramatically? Because customers now think in terms of experiences, not products or services. In fact, 84% of customers say that their experience with a company is as important or more important than its product. 

Experience is the number one factor.”

Aleene Webber, Senior Product Marketing Manager at Salesforce

3. The digital-first consumer is in the driver’s seat

The experiences that customers expect now encompass not only in-person, in-store interactions, but also seamlessly span digital channels. It isn’t enough just to provide great in-store service any more: you have to be ready to engage with your customer on their preferred channel wherever, and whenever, they want. 

“Today’s customer is a digital one, and that will stay the same in the future,” explains Aleene. 

These shifts in the landscape have opened up huge opportunities — not just for the top players and household-name brands, but for every business. Even companies who don’t have a big tech budget or a robust IT department can accelerate their digital transformation using the Salesforce Platform

Breaking down silos between e-commerce, service, and marketing using tools like Sales Cloud and Marketing Cloud will empower organisations to provide more connected experiences.


How can Customer 360 Guides accelerate digital transformation?

Arian Van de Carr, VP Project Management at Salesforce, joined the session to explain how each business has its own set of unique goals and challenges, but there are common strands that they all share. 

Today’s businesses want to: 

  • Learn from those that have gone before them

  • Unify teams around a clear set of goals

  • Access tools that can speed up their transformation

Here’s where the Customer 360 Guides on Trailhead can help. Businesses can use them to break down their broader goals and challenges, and then map them to recommended Salesforce solutions. This will bring a digital roadmap to life, and show the way towards a successful customer journey.

The Guides also provide inspiration and insights from companies who have already walked the digital transformation path.

To learn more about how your business can embrace digitalisation, watch the full Transform Customer Experiences session