“It’s been exciting to see how quickly our customers in the Middle East have made Success from Anywhere a reality – and embraced this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to transform and thrive.” — Robbie Kearns, Senior Regional Vice President, Salesforce

Well before Salesforce Live: Middle East kicked off on May 25th, we knew that companies in the region were making the bold moves that lead to success. And while we fully expected to hear some amazing stories, we were bowled over by how quickly these forward-looking companies are embracing the opportunities of a digital-first future.

So if you’re looking for proven ideas on how to transform and thrive in the midst of one of the most challenging periods in recent history, you’ve come to the right place. The entire celebration of innovation and resilience from Trailblazers and business leaders in the Middle East is now available, on demand.

Each segment is a bite-sized forty minutes. This is perfect for a quick dose of inspiration on taking your customer experience to the next level.

Looking for a quick preview? Here are five future-proof reasons to watch Salesforce Live: Middle East right away.


1. Discover new routes to success and what it takes to get there

There’s nothing more valuable than advice from those who’ve actually been there, done that, and are forging ahead to do a whole lot more.

This is your chance to hear some of the region’s most successful companies share the challenges they’ve overcome and the lessons learnt along the way. 

Discover how to:

And don’t miss our preview of new opportunities for growth in our dedicated How-To segments, showcasing the latest Salesforce innovations.


2. Gain insights into the 4 pillars of success from anywhere

Cloud 3.0. Slack. Zoom. The future is here, and adapting to new, more effective ways of operating is crucial.

Catch Robbie Kearns (Senior Regional Vice President at Salesforce) on exactly what you need and why in his unmissable keynote address. Discover the four pillars of Success from Anywhere – and how Customer 360 can help you build all four.

Plus: You’ll get access to insights from implementation partners who share how they’re helping businesses like yours succeed from anywhere.

Catch our opening episode of Success from Anywhere now.


3. Learn how to grow your B2B and B2C customer relationships

There’s nothing like stepping outside your world to see what great CX looks like in other companies.

This is where Trailblazers Mantrac and Aramex give you a privileged behind-the-scenes look at the moves that are unlocking customer-centric growth.

Check out how Mantrac is using technology to anticipate exactly what its customers need, and when – on a massive scale. (That’s 11 countries on three continents, and counting.)

And get ready to be inspired by the data-driven insights that are helping Aramex create Netflix-type experiences for its customers.   

Watch Unlock Customer-Centric Growth for all this (plus actionable takeaways on boosting Customer Experiences) now.


4. Get proven omni-channel tips from professionals

Customers in the Middle East are omni-channel naturals. And Al Malki Group and HolidayME know just how to delight this new breed of e-commerce customer.

Discover how Al Malki’s fully-integrated ‘golden record’ is making sure buyers of its luxury brands always feel like VIPs – across every touch point, online and offline.

And don’t miss how HolidayME revolutionised umrah booking with automation, more than tripled its market share in just a few months, and earned a CSAT score of over 90%.

Watch Reimagine Digital, from Anywhere now.


5. Learn how to take your company from data novice to data ninja

If you’re looking to create a data-driven culture, this segment is an absolute must-watch.

Follow the data journey that Seera Group, one of the region’s leading travel and tourism companies, went on. The company started using Tableau in one department of its business and went on to create a fully-fledged data strategy with proven ROI. 

You’ll discover how this data-first culture paid off when COVID-19 hit – and created an urgent need for real-time information.

Today, data is a strategic asset for Seera Group, and it sits at the forefront of everything that happens. And each employee – from store agent to the CEO – attends regular training at the company’s own data academy.

Watch Unleash the Power of Your Data now.


The future is here at Salesforce Live: Middle East

Stay ahead of the curve by heading over to our Salesforce Live: Middle East event page for overviews of every episode. Enjoy!