“I’ve been amazed by the ingenuity of our Polish customers in the face of extremely challenging times. I can’t wait to dive deeper into these success stories and share them with our audience.” - Krzysztof Augustynowicz, Regional Director, Central and Eastern Europe

When COVID-19 hit, we all had to go digital. And with customers and companies at different stages of their digital transformation journeys — it wasn't easy. 

But all over Poland, Trailblazers weathered this storm, continued to innovate (from their kitchens, bedrooms, and even their garden sheds) — and were able to deliver Success from Anywhere.

This huge digital shift created an abundance of opportunities, which are both exciting and daunting. With 81% of decision makers telling us they’re accelerating digital initiatives, it’s time we came together and explored how to do it right. 

Where better, than at our flagship virtual event, Salesforce Live: Poland?

The event kicks off on June 8th at 10 a.m. CEST, with the first of four weekly sessions.  

Each session will drill down into a specific topic and cover the best strategies (and technologies) to achieve your goals. 

The topics include:

  1. Master Success from Anywhere

  2. Boost customer-centricity and drive growth

  3. Create future-ready customer experiences 

  4. Turbocharge your transformation with data

You’ll hear inspirational speakers from Salesforce and Trailblazers, who’ll share insights, experiences, practical product demos, and expert advice to help you transform your business. 

And because we know virtual event fatigue is a real thing, we’ve made each session just 36-action-packed-minutes long. This leaves you with more than enough time to grab a coffee before your next meeting. 

Sound good? Head to the event page now to register for as many sessions as you like. 

Want to hear more first? Read on to explore what to expect — and five reasons you should attend.


1. Connect with Poland’s top Trailblazers

Joining us at Salesforce Live: Poland will be Dolfi1920, Orange, Legia, Ziaja, and Zabka. They’ll share how they were able to deliver Success from Anywhere, despite extraordinary challenges.  

You’ll have an all-access pass to these pioneering Trailblazers, so you can get the insight you need to supercharge your transformation journey. 

We’ll also share new Salesforce innovations with dedicated how-to segments. And you’ll get a host of practical and actionable tips to help you make the most of the opportunities available. 


2. Master Success from Anywhere

In the opening keynote, our Regional Director for Central and Eastern Europe, Krzysztof Augustynowicz, will explain just what it takes to deliver Success from Anywhere.  

Walking us through the impact of Cloud 3.0 on the work from anywhere culture, Krzysztof will explain how businesses across Poland are now able to reach unprecedented levels of connectivity and productivity. 

And finally, you’ll hear from high-flying Salesforce ecosystem partners, who will share how they’re helping us to deliver Success from Anywhere.

Register for our opening episode ‘Success from Anywhere’ (Tuesday, June 8th, 2021, 10 a.m. CEST).


3. Boost customer-centricity and drive growth

In March 2020, the global pandemic re-wrote the rulebook on how we engage with our customers — and it’s reshaped the dynamic for good. 

In this episode, Krzysztof will be joined by futurologist, professor and AI expert, Aleksandra Przegalińska. With their help, you’ll explore how to redefine your customer relationships – so you can continue to thrive in this period of shifting expectations and digital acceleration.

Then, two top-drawer Trailblazers, Bożena Leśniewska, Vice President of Business Market at Orange Polska S.A., and Tal Fridman, Operations and Business Development Director at Dolfi1920, will share the secrets behind their success. Namely, how they’re building lifelong customer relationships from anywhere – in the face of extraordinary challenges. 

If you want the inside track on customer engagement in the new normal — this is for you. 

Register for ‘Unlock Customer-Centric Growth’ (Tuesday, June 15th, 2021,10 a.m. CEST).


4. Create future-ready customer experiences

The way businesses engage customers wasn’t the only thing to change. Customer expectations did too.  

People now expect businesses to deliver curated experiences that bridge the gap between in-person and digital interaction points

Guest speaker, Maciej Kawecki (also known as the “face of the GDPR in Poland”), will join Krzysztof to investigate the heightened importance of personalisation and break down the best strategies to match new expectations around relevance. 

Then Polish customer experience experts, Pawel Kokosza, Commercial Director of Sales, Marketing and Sponsoring at Legia Warsaw and Bartosz Zaborowski, Head of E-Commerce at Ziaja, will explain how they’re inspiring greater customer loyalty, one informed interaction at a time. 

So, if you want expert advice on how to personalise every single touchpoint on a customer’s journey and build stronger connections — don’t miss it! 

Register now for ‘Reimagine Digital, From Anywhere’ (Tuesday. June 22nd, 2021,10 a.m. CEST).


5. Turbocharge your transformation with data

Customers expect consistent interactions across departments — and they want it today!

To make better decisions at lightning speed, you’re going to need to use your secret weapon: your data. 

Krzysztof and guest speaker, Andrzej Sobczak (Professor at the Warsaw School of Economics), will explore the importance of creating a single source of truth. And they’ll dig into how it unlocks the insights you need to stay ahead of your customer’s expectations. 

We’ll be joined by data pace-setters, Jakub Masłowski, Chief Technology Officer at Zabka, who will share how they were able to unleash their data to solve problems more quickly as a team, close deals faster, and save their customers time. 

What’s more, you’ll get practical advice on how you can do this from anywhere — by using the right platform

If you’re ready to let your data put you in the fast lane, don’t miss this session. 

Register now for ‘Unleash The Power Of Your Data’ (Tuesday, June 29th, 2021,10 a.m. CEST).


We can’t wait to see you at Salesforce Live: Poland

We hope that you’re as excited as we are to explore how to deliver Success from Anywhere. 

Get a full overview of every upcoming episode on our event page and register to save yourself a spot.

We’re ready to connect, share, and grow... All we need now is you!