“It’s been thrilling to see how our South African customers have been innovating to make Success from Anywhere a reality – right through one of the most challenging periods in recent history.” - Robbie Kearns, Senior Regional Vice President, Salesforce

Even before Salesforce Live: South Africa kicked off on the 10th of June, it was clear that South African businesses were evolving to win – fast. 

But nothing prepared us for the resilience and entrepreneurial spirit of our South African Trailblazers. Over the course of four insight-packed keynotes, we were privileged to share their top secrets. The key to achieving ‘success from anywhere’ is absolute customer focus, with technology as a key enabler.

Salesforce Live: South Africa was an ideas-fest of the innovations that are helping Trailblazers in South Africa to grow and ensure their customers’ growth. So if you’re in search of inspiration and ideas on how to wow your customers, look no further. This blockbuster event of customer-delighting innovations from peers, business leaders, and high-profile gurus is now available to you on demand. 

Each segment is no longer than 36 minutes, so grab a snack and watch the opening episode. You’re guaranteed an amazing time and you’ll learn how to give your customers some pretty amazing experiences too.

Want to find out more before you start watching?

Here are the five reasons your customers will thank you for adding Salesforce Live: South Africa to your ‘must watch’ list.


1. The best Customer Experience insights often come from outsights

Some of the most experienced business leaders swear by taking time off to scan the environment for what other forward-looking companies are doing.

What does ‘great’ look like outside the walls of your business? How are other companies growing in challenging economic times?

The answers are right here, in the experiences of South Africa’s most innovative trailblazers:

  • Retail Capital on the customer engagement that’s creating true partnerships for success.

  • RIB CCS on how it’s digitalising one of the most traditional industries in the world – and taking customer understanding to a whole new level.

  • Top Dog Education on what it takes to scale to become a global leader.

  • Liberty on how it got a lot more agile with data and simplified customer interactions.

There’s more. Salesforce: South Africa was buzzing with fresh perspectives from a stellar lineup of special guests, including Vusi Thembekwayo, Andy Golding, Mushambi Mutuma, and Arthur Goldstuck.

And for those who want to get right down to the nitty gritty of making innovation happen, there are dedicated ‘how-to’ segments with the very latest Salesforce innovations.


2. You’ll discover the four pillars that ensure Success from Anywhere

They’re all in the unmissable opening keynote from Robbie Kearns (our Senior Regional Vice President). This is the segment where you:

  • Get to grips with what Cloud 3.0 (and technologies like Slack and Zoom) mean for the future of your business.

  • Drink in the entrepreneurial spirit of one of South Africa’s most exciting business innovators – the legendary Vusi Thembekwayo who’s leading the charge to create a globally competitive South Africa.

  • Check out how our partners are making Success from Anywhere a reality for businesses like yours.

When you thrive, your customers do too, so watch the opening episode Success from Anywhere now.


3. There’s so much more to learn about customer-centric growth.

Here’s where we dig into how two of South Africa’s most successful Trailblazers have focused their digital transformation on their customers.

Customer-obsessed SME funder Retail Capital shared how it’s creating a real sense of community with its customers. (Spoiler alert: the team uses tech to run ‘surprise-and-delight’ campaigns.) Check out the crucial role of omni-channel capabilities, AI, and a test-and-learn environment at Retail Capital.

And don’t miss the customer-first approach that turned RIB CSS into a global provider of specialist software for the construction industry. Discover how a single view of the customer and technologies like Salesforce are helping RIB CSS create new revenue streams and uncover valuable new opportunities.

Plus a real treat – a session with the extraordinary Andy Golding on remaining relevant in a digital world. Andy’s right at the forefront at turning human resources into resourceful humans, and has written the book on the subject: We Are Still Human (And Work Shouldn’t Suck). Watch Episode 1 for Andy’s life-changing tips.

Ready for new ways to make your customers love your business? Watch Unlock Customer-Centric Growth now.  


4. Digital is a buzzword... until you use it to wow your customers.

Ever wondered how some companies hit the global big time?

Top Dog Education is right at the top of its game for a very good reason. Its stratospheric levels of empathy run all the way from its products to the technologies it deploys to ensure engaging, omni-channel experiences. Learn how this South African success story used technology to focus on the things that really move the needle.

And if you’re ready for a masterclass in using technological shifts to transform business, don’t miss the session with Mushambi Mutuma – a business Trailblazer who’s spent the last 12 years building brands and businesses across Africa and the US. Grab a front-row seat with Mushambi, one of Africa’s top digital innovators.

Do your customers a favour. Watch Reimagine Digital, from Anywhere now.


5. Mastering data might be your best Customer Experience move ever.

This is where mastering data gets demystified, and who better to do it than insurance group Liberty. It’s a company that’s using technology to simplify, automate and accelerate processes for 3.2 million customers across Africa. Find out how Liberty is driving Customer Experience with APIs that speed up key customer-critical processes.

And finally, for a solidly researched perspective on the tech trends shaping business strategies and consumer preferences, we have the guru himself, Arthur Goldstuck. Prepare for the next big trends with Arthur Goldstuck – South Africa’s expert on how technology is affecting business and society.

Get serious about mastering data: your customers will love you for it. Watch Unleash the Power of Your Data now.

Your customers can’t wait for you to experience Salesforce Live: South Africa. Head over now to our event page for overviews of every episode and enjoy!