Customer service has entered an exciting new era where inefficient customer-service tools have been replaced by automated processes, proactive engagement, optimised live chat and a Digital HQ that coordinates all your efforts. Welcome to a better CX. Welcome to cloud service.

Read on to discover some of the amazing innovations from Dreamforce, and see why Slack-first Service Cloud 360 is changing the cloud service game. And, at the end of the article, check out the Dreamforce Service in 5 session to take a deeper dive into the innovations that are reimagining the cloud service landscape.


Embracing Automation

Our Slack-first Service has been developed to help you to create effortless cloud service experiences that not just understand your customers’ problems – but predict and solve them. It ensures your entire company can come together on one platform to solve customer issues faster. In the age of the connected customer, this has never been more important.

We’ve introduced new features to improve case resolution time. Case Swarming and Expert Finder allows agents to mobilise the entire company to solve cases faster. Service agents can respond to customers in real-time and maintain a single point of contact. Now every case can become a centre for learning, as Slack-first service automatically suggests swarm learning - creating new knowledge articles for future self-service and automation.

With the built-in ability to integrate data from external systems, Service Cloud 360 enables end-to-end workflows - providing a complete view of the customer and ensuring that service teams have everything at hand, right when they need it. This simultaneously provides operational visibility and efficiency whilst unlocking hidden productivity. Customer expectations for seamless service have never been higher. Cloud service empowers teams to exceed those expectations.


Your New Service HQ is Digital

In effect, Slack becomes your digital HQ for cloud service. It’s the perfect HQ for a future that will increasingly rely on remote workforces. Only Service Cloud 360 can natively bring automation, workforce engagement, and every customer interaction together on a single platform. That’s the power of cloud service.

Trailblazing companies are already providing seamless support across multiple channels with Service Cloud. They’re benefitting from the fact that a digital HQ connects field agents - providing job details and a complete view of the customer through the Field Service app.

Many businesses have revolutionised their service offering by using Salesforce Field Service. They’ve opened the door to provide their field agents with instant access to real-time information. Cloud service has empowered them to proactively improve equipment safety and reliability and understand the needs of their customers better.

It all adds up to smoother service appointments - whether in-person or virtual. The data in your field agent’s pocket can be the difference between a successful service call or a series of ongoing issues. And the effortless experience of successful service creates what we’re all looking for - customer loyalty and a corresponding increase in revenue.

Providing a great customer experience doesn’t happen by accident. It requires a complete platform that connects service across every customer touchpoint, from the contact centre to the field. It takes Slack-first Service Cloud 360.

To get started on your journey to better cloud service, you can take a quick learning module. And to see more about the innovations that are driving the new cloud service landscape, check out the Service in 5 Dreamforce session below.