A Marketing Cloud certification has many benefits for job seekers in today’s competitive market. Learn from three certified students and how their marketing cloud certifications prepared them for success.

Before we get started, what is Marketing Cloud and how are job seekers benefiting from getting certified? Marketing Cloud is a digital marketing platform from Salesforce which includes tools for: 

Marketing Cloud provides a single view of customers so businesses can create connected customer journeys. For those that are unfamiliar, there are classes, trails, and certifications available to learn about the different Salesforce platforms.


Marketing Cloud Certification

Salesforce credentials grow your resume and highlight your skills. Prove your hands-on experience and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.

Helping students obtain a Marketing Cloud certification

CREA is a digital marketing school with 600 students and campuses in Geneva and Lausanne. EBS Genève is a business school with 90 students. They both have two clear goals in mind for their students: 

  1. Offer engaging, practical programs with a learning-by-doing approach. 

  2. Equip students with the skills and abilities that are in high demand on the job market.

The Central Europe Talent Ecosystem works together with both universities to bring students closer to Salesforce. They teach them real-world job skills and marketing cloud benefits that are in high demand from potential employers and necessary on their path to becoming Marketing Cloud certified.


Marketing Cloud as part of the curriculum

Training for a Marketing Cloud certification is part of the online curriculum. After learning the basics of marketing and Salesforce, the students attend special courses related to Marketing Cloud and the platform’s benefits.

Testing your skills

At the end of their learning journey, students receive explicit coaching. This prepares them for the final certification exam. The project ends with a postgraduate workshop where students test their acquired skills, abilities, and knowledge about the benefits of marketing cloud and put their newly learned skills into practice.

Setting up for success

More than 65 students have learned about marketing cloud benefits and been trained to navigate a customer relationship management (CRM) system. Even now, EBS Genéve is continuing its Marketing Cloud specialisations included with two Master’s degrees. CREA is also planning on opening a specialisation called “CRM Talent” to their Master students, 85 in total, for them to choose from. Everyone agrees — the demand is there!


Are these online courses truly beneficial to learn?

To learn more about how these courses benefit participants, we interviewed three students, Cecilia Cirillo (CC), Doris Dujany (DD), and Clémence Oriol (CO). We asked them to share the experience they made during the course.

What was your motivation to join the course?

DD: I have a great interest in learning digital tools and my motivation was to expand my skills in marketing and digital technologies. Salesforce is well recognised and used for its cloud technology for businesses. This inspired me to join the program and learn ways to apply the technology in a use case. In addition to the Marketing Cloud email specialist certification, I plan to further continue with the Marketing cloud administration program as well and learn more about the marketing cloud benefits.

What was the Salesforce training and learning experience like?

CC: With Salesforce it’s really important to understand concepts, but it’s even more important to play with the tool. If you don’t practise with it you are really missing out. Moreover, you are losing a chance to go deeper and to find out more about all the existing functionalities. 

What were the key assets you gained throughout the course?

CO: Salesforce is indeed a big name and offers great visibility. To me, that is a key aspect to keep in mind. On top of that, doing this certification allows one to take the first step and acquire useful skills. I truly think that this class is essential to successfully pass this certification.

Why should others join the programme?

DD: I believe there’s a lot to learn and do with Salesforce platforms and this program is a great way to deep in and immerse oneself with the required skills for a given industry. The applications within the software offer many tools any company can leverage and skills anyone can learn and implement in their job. As such, the program is highly recommendable and positively impactful for career and business growth.


Marketing Cloud Certification

Salesforce credentials grow your resume and highlight your skills. Prove your hands-on experience and get a competitive edge that leads to new opportunities.