Let’s look into the future for a moment…

The year is 2025, and Egypt’s digital transformation push is making big waves. Just as the Egyptian Cabinet predicted, the ICT sector makes up 8% of the country’s growth. And Satista’s claim that revenue in the eCommerce market would hit $13.18 billion proved to be very, very accurate.

A new, digital consumer is on the rise. And your business is prepared. Why?

You discovered all this back in 2022, on 15 June at the St Regis Hotel – because you attended Salesforce Live: Cairo. 

Sound like the version of the future you want? Join us as we explore how the world has changed – and what you can do to meet your customers’ changing expectations.

You’ll leave the event with:

  • The tools you need to build a strong digital foundation.

  • Digital best practices from the top experts in the field.

  • Exclusive insights into exactly how digital transformation can accelerate your growth.

  • A roadmap for meeting your customers’ heightened digital expectations.

Salesforce Live: Cairo 2022 is just around the corner. Here are five reasons you need to attend.


Salesforce Live Cairo: June 15th 2022

Join us at Salesforce Live Cairo for the thought-provoking content, practical demos, and actionable tips and takeaways that'll help you on your digital transformation journey.


Learn from top Trailblazers in Egypt 


Connect with top Trailblazers in Egypt using Salesforce to reinvent digital customer and employee relationships.

You’ll learn about the incredible journeys of Trailblazers like Mantrac and Trella, who’ll share how they’ve been using Salesforce Customer 360 to achieve their digital transformation goals. 


Get insights into how the future works


Unlock the tools you need to help your customers and employees flourish in the post-pandemic world. 

The new digital era presents companies with a multitude of opportunities to form really rewarding relationships with their customers, wherever they are. 

In the keynote presentation, you’ll hear from Thierry Nicault, Area Vice President, Middle East, and Maha Alaoui, Head of Solution Engineering, Middle East & Africa, as they share the power of the Salesforce Customer 360 – and what it means for businesses in Egypt. 

(You’ll also get a live-action demo of how to use the full Salesforce Customer 360 platform for B2B and B2C use cases.)

Then, get ready to discover the place where collaboration and connection happens for everyone. Join our expert from communications leader, Slack. You get invaluable advice on how you can use the platform as a foundation to build a Digital HQ.

Sustainability is our newest core value – and it’s a major focus for CEOs and investors everywhere. Get tangible, practical steps into how you can use Net Zero Cloud to measure, track, and analyse your carbon, energy, and waste data in this enlightening session.


Focus on growth 


After a few tough years, it’s time for businesses to get back on the growth path and deliver even more value for their customers.

And that means making smart platform choices. As 60% of all customer interactions with companies will happen online in 2022, the biggest winners here will be those that make sure their platform can cater for customers' heightened digital expectations. 

In this session, you’ll get an up-close look at the core products that make up the world’s #1 trusted platform: Marketing, Sales, Service, and Commerce. Plus, our Salesforce experts will give you practical advice on how to use the combined power of these products to:


  • Accelerate growth.

  • Grow revenue faster.

  • Make every moment matter on your customer journey


You’ll also get top tips and best practices from local Trailblazers using Customer 360 – so you can see exactly how your peers are paving a path to growth with Salesforce.


Learn from partners


Making sure Salesforce works for you is a top priority. In these sessions, you’ll get key learnings and real-life examples from partners working with organisations like yours in Egypt and across the Middle East. 

You’ll also get an insight into how Salesforce Customer 360 has been used to solve industry-specific challenges across a range of sectors, such as real estate.

So get ready for practical advice on how you can use Customer 360. Trust us, our partners are a bank full of knowledge.


Build your digital foundations


Without a 360 view of your customers, making meaningful, personalised, and lasting digital connections is a shot in the dark.

You need the right digital foundation to make this happen. We’re talking API-led connectivity and data that everyone in your organisation can use.

You’ll learn to build and optimise your data-driven culture with:


  • A session on using MuleSoft to turbocharge productivity and launch times for new products, revolutionise connectivity, and create seamless digital experiences, faster. 

  • A session on how Tableau can democratise your data – letting your teams turn customer success into customer excellence.


Learn how the future works with Salesforce in Cairo


Register now to book your spot and secure your path to success this 2022. We can’t wait to see you there!


Salesforce Live Cairo: June 15th 2022

Join us at Salesforce Live Cairo for the thought-provoking content, practical demos, and actionable tips and takeaways that'll help you on your digital transformation journey.