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5 reasons why Salesforce is one of the Best Workplaces in France!

5 reasons that make Salesforce a Best Workplace in France!

Salesforce has been named the #2 Best Workplace in France by Great Place to Work. Our employees make Salesforce unique. Read more here.

Recently named the #2 Best Workplace in France by Great Place to Work, Salesforce has been a great place to work for three years in a row. We owe this award to our employees who bring our company culture and our core values – trust, customer success, innovation, and equality – to life every day. Our employees are what makes Salesforce unique. What makes Salesforce a “Great Place to Work”? We’ve decided to ask our French employees. Here are 5 reasons Salesforce is a great place to work for all!

1. Company Culture

“The employees’ well-being goes above all!” – Zacharie, Strategic Events Coordinator, joined in 2019.

“Salesforce trusts me to manage my work-life balance as it best suits me. I work best in the morning and I am often one of the first people to arrive at the office. In the evening, I will leave earlier because I know I am way more efficient like that.” Manon, Success Manager, joined in 2017.

2. The 1-1-1 Model

“Salesforce changed my perception of work. It showed me that a company can thrive while doing good for its community.” Sébastien, Principal Solution Engineer, joined in 2016.

3. Kindness

“Everybody’s passion, kindness, and diversity make Salesforce a company with an amazing and incredibly rich team spirit.” Agnès, Program Manager – Chief of Staff Office, joined in 2016.

“Hard work and kindness. At Salesforce, I have never been criticized for my work, and I have always been offered tools and methods to improve my skills.” Antoine, Account Executive, joined in 2019.

4. Living Our Values Every Day

“At Salesforce, I live my values every day. Trust, mutual aid, collaboration and encouragement are at the centre of each of my days.” Véronique, Chief of Staff, joined in 2011.

“Salesforce is defined by its core values and, most importantly, by how we live these values every day.” Laurent, Enterprise Architect, joined in 2019.

“At Salesforce, our relationships are based on trust, one of our core values. This enables me to be my authentic self at work.“ Céline, Sales Success Manager, joined in 2017.

5. And Finally, the People!

“To join Salesforce means you’ll join open-minded and committed colleagues as well as kind and inspiring managers.” Alexandre, Solution Engineer, joined in 2019.

“Salesforce is my second family.“ Patrick, Success Specialist joined in 2012.

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