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Empowering Our Customers as Data Privacy & Residency Landscape Changes

Salesforce’s Recommendations for the Spanish Presidency of the EU Council

Learn how the Hyperforce EU Operating Zone is changing the way our customers around the world are thinking about data privacy and residency.

This article is on behalf of Ed Britan, Salesforce’s Head of Global Privacy, and Matthew Parin, Product Management Director of Hyperforce.

Organizations across the globe are facing an ever-changing and increasingly challenging landscape – regulatory, financial, and geopolitical – which is making connecting with their customers and stakeholders harder than ever. As their customers’ operations grow, they need to scale fast while addressing security and privacy concerns. Expanding to new locations, they have to meet new compliance and governance requirements in accordance with local laws.

Beyond regulations, customers want to be confident with where their data is stored and processed, who has access to it, and how it is used. For many customers, this means having the capability to keep their data within the European Union. It is in this context that Salesforce announced the Hyperforce European Union Operating Zone – a new way of combining our industry-leading products on Hyperforce with 24/7 customer and technical support in the EU, and strictly controlled access to customer data by EU-based personnel only.

Offering enhanced choice and control of customer data through Hyperforce and our Hyperforce EU Operating Zone and committing to the highest standards of privacy are key parts of our strategy to help customers meet their business objectives while addressing their regulatory risk.

Offering enhanced choice and control for data residency

Thousands of customers in Europe and around the world are already leveraging Hyperforce to deliver Salesforce apps securely and reliably on major public clouds. We partner with public cloud providers to meet our customers’ unique set of needs — serving their employees and customers globally while providing enhanced control for residency and compliance. The provider establishes data centres in locations to deliver data residency and performance, along with the required local compliance and certifications.

Organizations in highly regulated industries, such as finance and healthcare, greatly benefit from this partnership with vetted public cloud providers. Together with our own rigorous levels of security protection, we provide the local hosting options they require.

The Hyperforce EU Operating Zone, delivered through Hyperforce, goes even further; it is the result of deep listening with our customers, regulators, and other trusted partners. Its enhanced level of data residency commitment means that our customers can store and process their data in the EU, with the choice and control they need. All customers operating within the EU can avail of an initial set of Customer 360 products spanning Sales, Service, Experience, Platform and Industries, which will be expanded over time.

Our commitment to the highest standards of privacy

The Hyperforce EU Operating Zone is anchored in our longstanding commitment to privacy. At Salesforce, trust is our number one value and our top priority is the security and privacy of the data that our customers entrust us to protect. Salesforce cloud services already comply with or exceed EU standards.

  • This commitment is highlighted in our transparency report, which provides transparency consistent with the law. We receive relatively few government requests — and when we do receive requests, we will work to refer the requesting agency to the customer itself.
  • Salesforce was the first enterprise software company to achieve approval for our Binding Corporate Rules (BCRs) in November 2015. BCRs reflect the highest data protection standards and come standard for all customers.
  • We have incorporated the newly-released Standard Contractual Clauses into our contracts along with market-leading commitments around challenging government access requests and auditing our services.
  • Salesforce is also a founding member of the EU Cloud Code of Conduct, which enables us to certify and verify our GDPR compliance.

Together, Hyperforce and our Hyperforce EU Operating Zone provide a scalable foundation for everything our customers need to do on Salesforce with security, privacy, data residency, and agility across clouds.

The future of digital technologies is being written by our choices today, and at Salesforce we believe privacy is a fundamental human right. Leading with our products and core values, we aim to empower our customers on every step of this journey by putting them in control of their data.

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