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How Health Cloud supports Swiss healthcare’s digital transformation

How Health Cloud supports the Swiss healthcare sector’s digital transformation

Understand how Health Cloud supports digital transformation within the healthcare market in Switzerland through this blog.

For the health sector, the pandemic presented a significant two-pronged issue: limited care teams including increased pressure on services, and the need to accelerate digital transformation to help battle these challenges quickly. It highlighted how reliant it was on strong patient engagement, and that care teams needed secure, easy access to all data. Both would allow effective and efficient patient care from the start.

While Salesforce successfully helps many organisations within the health and life sciences sector to drive productivity and increase revenue through digital change, the main challenge has consistently been the lack of integration between systems. This decentralised setup has been detrimental to efficient patient care delivery and the patient’s care experience.

To address this, Salesforce is providing a solution: Health Cloud –a cloud-based platform that offers a centralised, single source of truth for everyone using healthcare services.

Health Cloud

Put patients at the heart of every decision. Transform the way you acquire, service, engage, and innovate.


Unlocking data

The healthcare industry continues to use legacy systems that often silo information, resulting in data that is spread across multiple disparate platforms. While this is common in many sectors, the lack of integration of clinical and non-clinical data has a considerable effect on a patient’s care from initial planning to executing and ongoing monitoring of their plan, therefore also impacting their health.

Salesforce Health Cloud helps organisations centralise all their data from existing systems and Electronic Health Records (EHR) into a single platform. This allows collaboration for care plans to become smoother and more efficient and a stronger relationship to be built between physician and patient.

With more services being conducted from home and going online, this has been particularly helpful during the rise of Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) in the last two years. It’s been critical that all available data and analytics are being leveraged to continue adequate risk assessments and fully informed decision-making regardless of the location of the patient or physician. Health Cloud has enabled providers to action tasks remotely and connects patients to the right care at the right time with this central system so that the quality of the services doesn’t suffer.

Patient-centred technology

Personalisation is an increasingly important aspect of successful digital transformation today, as patient expectations for choice, interaction, and access for all areas of their lives have grown exponentially. Therefore, healthcare organisations need to focus more on nurturing relationships with their patients through an improved patient-centred journey, particularly as competition heightens and budgets are being cut.

Salesforce Health Cloud puts the patient at the centre by offering them more options which, alongside intelligent data use, provide a more personalised experience. For example, patients can be given a complete view of an organisation’s entire physician network and the ability to find the right provider for them. This two-way engagement starting from submission to ongoing care means successful care results are achieved more quickly, and patients feel more involved and empowered in their own healthcare. Insights into referral patterns are gained, helping to inform future referral processes and options.

As digital transformation is becoming more of a necessity for the healthcare industry, getting it right and future-proofing the effort is integral to its success. This is where Health Cloud comes in.

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