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Students Succeed with In-Demand Data Skills

Students Succeed with In-Demand Data Skills

Learn how Tableau empowers students with essential data skills, bridging the gap between education and industry demands.

At Salesforce, we recognise the critical role data skills play in shaping future careers. Our Tableau Academic programs and Tableau Community got together with students across London to set them up to succeed with data. 

Data Skills Gap

Data is all around us–and knowing how to use it can give a student (or anyone) a competitive advantage. Employers across industries seek candidates with strong data skills to drive informed decisions and foster innovation.

In fact, in a recent Forester survey, we did at Tableau, 87% of decision-makers rated basic data skills as the most important skill for day-to-day tasks across all departments and roles. Furthermore, research from Forrester found that recruiters ranked data literacy as the skill highest in demand for entry-level candidates — but that only 48% of academic institutions have data literacy skills initiatives in place.

Tableau Academic + Data Skills = A more data-literate world

Since 2011, Tableau Academic Programs has enabled more than three million students and instructors with data skills via our free licenses, e-learning, and community resources. 

The mission? To close the data skills gap and prepare students for their data-driven future.


That’s why we’re excited to share highlights from our recent event, ‘Tableau Uni-Viz-ity: Achieving Dream Jobs with Data Skills’, held at the London Salesforce Tower on March 6.

The event brought together over 80 eager students (with over 200 registered!), highlighting significant interest in a career with data skills. Supported by our Tableau Academic Programs and the Tableau Community, the evening showcased the passion and opportunities to thrive in a data world. Key learnings from the event include:

  • Share your work on Tableau Public to not only show a portfolio of your work but also your growth and development with Tableau. “Employers love to see your ability to learn a new skill and apply it to different contexts!” Priya Padham – Data Visualisation Engineer at Expedia Group.
  • Set yourself up for success with AI by mastering data skills with Tableau. “There is a lot of fear around AI taking jobs, but there shouldn’t be as AI relies on data and data skills,” Zainab Ayodimeji – Data Scientist at Spotify.  Tableau has a range of Trailhead modules to help prepare for the AI innovations shaping our future.
  • Attend a Tableau User Group to not only up-skill yourself but to make valuable connections in the data world. “I met wonderful people through Tableau.” Alisha Dhillon – Business Intelligence Analyst at HarbourVest Partners.
  • Take part in Tableau Community Projects for skill development, feedback and for fun too! “Tableau unlocked the creative side of me. It’s like being a kid again.” Zainab Ayodimeji – Data Scientist at Spotify.

Encourage the students you know to sign up for a Tableau for Students license and gain the highest-in-demand skills!

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