Supporting Women Back to Work in Switzerland.


Helping women on extended career breaks back into business.

It’s no secret that women are underrepresented at every level in the workplace, and women returning to work after career breaks are often overlooked. At Salesforce, we are forecast to create 4.2 million jobs globally over the next four years, and more than one trillion dollars in new business revenues. Our aim, through Bring Women Back to Work, is to provide our Salesforce Partners with a program that allows them to recruit new talent by supporting women who have taken long career breaks in their journeys back into business.

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Organizations must strive to become gender bilingual and support parents in their
“work-life" integration.


The Bring Women Back to Work initiative aims to increase the representation of women in Tech and support women who have taken career breaks in their journeys back into business.


Successful businesses must ensure true gender balance is achieved quickly to leverage all talent for a competitive edge.

Hire for attitude and train for skills!

Returning to work after a career break can be daunting, with concerns around skills, experience, confidence and working hours. We’re here to help you regain confidence with our Bring Women Back to Work program to assist you in returning to the technology industry, or perhaps joining the technology industry for the first time.

If you have been out of workplace for several years, are open to acquire new skills, and your motivation and interest to re-integrate the workplace are aligned with our equality values, then you might have found the right place! 

Partners Participating and Hiring

This program is only eligible for women living in Switzerland. 

Our program covers:

  • A 12 month coaching and learning experience to support re-entry to the workplace and enable immediate job opportunities
  • Training to refresh skills and overcome barriers to re-entry
  • Technical and interpersonal workshops to boost confidence and prepare you for a return to the workplace
  • Salesforce ramp up plan and ecosystem knowledge
  • Coaching and mentoring to support onboarding and retention
  • Networking opportunities 

We hire for attitude and train for skills. We are looking for Junior or Senior levels with more than 3 years working experience.
Degree or diploma in a Business or IT related area, relevant for the role targeted.

  • Good communication skills in English and in one of the official CH languages (French, German or Italian)
  • Eager to learn, create and innovate
  • Experience/interest in technology
  • Learning agility and aptitude
  • Enjoys fast paced environment
  • Nice to have: Experience in go to market activities, solutioning/architecture, project management and medium to large IT implementation advantageous  

We are looking for 3 different types of roles to be fulfilled:

Sales – business and/or IT background, driven by bringing value to clients identifying need and expectations to be matched with solutions/products.

Consultant – business education and previous experience, looking at bridging the gap between technology and business.

Technical – IT background, passionate about architecture/solutioning, development and more.

Not everybody knows about Salesforce and its ecosystem! So you might like to first join our induction day when you can meet teams from Salesforce and our partner network. A great place to see for yourself some of the great places to work across our ecosystem, before you apply for the program.

Once you have applied, you will get an email from us to complete your application. This will be reviewed by one of the training team and once selected, your CV will be sent out to our Partner talent pool for review and further interviews.

Once you land a job in one of our partners, you will automatically enter in our program and a mentor will support you throughout the onboarding, training period and a 12month program cycle.


Are you a Salesforce partner and would like to support the initiative?