Salesforce Platform


App Builder: Allow everyone to program apps

Salesforce Platform helps companies to quickly develop apps for their customers, partners and employees. While the IT platform contains no-code tools for administrators and business users, it also has tools like Heroku for program developers. Heroku takes care of infrastructure, scaling, compliance, orchestration, security and much more.

Transform your employees' experience

Whether for sales, marketing, customer service, human resources or IT: Promote the productivity of your employees by automating business processes, better networking departments and introducing an IT help desk. Immediately translate ideas into custom-fit applications and transform the employee experience thanks to the latest technology.

Low Code Development: Build apps with clicks, not code

Simplify your app development with low code. Program via point and click even without extensive programming knowledge in order to be able to react flexibly and quickly to new requirements of your business applications.

If you need specific solutions, you can expand Salesforce with AppExchange and thus also meet the most specific needs of your industry or department.


Data Governance: Protect your customers' sensitive data

Ensure IT security and the protection of your customer data. Comply with the provisions of the Data Protection Act via a simple user interface and treat personal data confidentially.

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