Status updates

Status updates

Update your colleagues on what you're doing from anywhere. Ask questions and share insights to keep everyone on the same page, prevent duplication of effort, and dramatically reduce unproductive email traffic. Even share relevant files and links to provide additional detail or get input on what you're working on.


Share your status in real time

Your status

Tell people what you're working on or ask for help or input. Update records in—like opportunities, cases, or any standard object—and colleagues who are following that record will see the update in their feeds.

Your new home base for Chatter

Chatter Central

Find your news feed, filters, and recommendations all together in one spot on Chatter Central. Check out the getting started checklist for new Chatter users.

Share important links and files

Post links & files

Post links to external Web sites or even Salesforce and share the documents and files you’re working on. Keep all your resources in one place so you can find them later... and so can people joining the conversation.

Group posts together with hashtags


Use hashtags to associate posts on the same topic so you and your colleagues can easily find them later. Categorize updates with designations like #customerfeedback or #competitive.

Get instant feedback


Get ideas, answers, and additional information when colleagues respond to your status updates. Keep conversations in context by collaborating in the real-time feed.

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