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Commerce Products FAQ

An ecommerce tool is software the help you run a digital storefront so you can power sales and transactions online. Ecommerce tools include marketing, merchandising, product detail and search results pages, content, promotions, cart, checkout customer service, fulfillment, and predictive intelligence capabilities.

The tools needed to build an ecommerce website include an ecommerce platform, interactive storefronts, payment services, and inventory management capabilities.

An ecommerce platform will help you seamlessly launch and grow your digital business through a prebuilt infrastructure. Ecommerce tools can be deployed on many different digital channels including a website, mobile app, social channels or in-store kiosk or device. This allows you to reach new customers, reduce operational costs, and grow sales with scalable tools for your online business.

When choosing the right ecommerce tools prioritise a future-proof platform that is trusted, scalable, and readily supports international expansion enabling future growth. Look for a solution architected for flexibility with all the purpose-built tools you need to deliver innovation quickly. It is important to consider the total cost of ownership of any ecommerce solution including ability to integrate with other digital and third-party solutions, uptime, access to advanced features, ongoing innovation and support, and implementation.