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10 ways community cloud
transforms Business



Infographics and E-books

E-book:10 Ways Community Cloud Transforms Business

10 ways community cloud transforms Business:

Create a community of action with Community Cloud.

E-Book:5 Steps to Communities that Thrive

5 Steps to Communities that Thrive

Community Cloud connects your customers, partners, and employees in a whole new way that transforms business.

Community Cloud 101

5 Ways for Community Banks to Boost Profitability with a CRM Solution Whitepaper


Demo Videos

Community Cloud Demo

Community Cloud Features

Community Cloud re-imagines every customer touch point — from sales and marketing through service and distribution — as an opportunity to build an amazing, frictionless customer experience.

Communities Partner Demo

Partner Community

Partner Community connects your company with business partners to drive more deals and increase channel sales.

Community Customer Demo

Customer Community

Customer Community connects customers to the experts and best-practices in their community, and even lets them crowdsource answers, so your team can focus on the big issues.



Driving Customer & Partner Communities Success

Deliver rapid growth through partner engagement with Salesforce Communities

In this session you will learn how to leverage Salesforce Communities to drive partner engagement and business growth. We will cover the benefits of partner communities for sales, marketing and service use cases along with best practices for design and implementation which are key to communities success.

PURE Insurance Disrupts Market with Community Cloud

Webinar with BSkyB and IATA: Engaging your customer community

Listen to our recent webinar with IATA and BSkyB to find out how Salesforce Communities can help you to accelerate sales, improve customer service and transform your workplace.

Community Cloud helps Pono Music rock social e-commerce

Pono Music’s community doesn’t just support e-commerce, it drives it

See how Salesforce helped music star Neil Young change the way people connect with music, and learn why it’s such a hit with fans.


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