Our customers are important to us

At, we’re 100 percent dedicated to the success of our customers. We know they trust their data—and their businesses—to us. That’s why twice a year we send them a survey so they can tell us what’s important to them and let us know how we’re doing. We take what they have to say very seriously. And although we’re pleased with the results, we’re working hard to make them even happier.

Our most recent survey was conducted online in June 2009 by MarketTools, an independent consulting firm. The participants were randomly selected from organizations of all sizes and from a variety of industries across the world. An overwhelming number—more than 6,000—responded, which in “research-speak” gives us a 95% confidence level in the results. Here’s what they told us:

Salesforce CRM customers are loyal, thanks to our industry-leading reliability

  • 95% of our customers plan to continue to use
  • 93% would receommend to others
  • Their #1 driver of satisfaction:'s reliability


Salesforce CRM yields a high ROI that helps increase revenues and decrease costs

  • customers realized an average ROI of almost 65% in 10.5 months
  • Increased sales revenues—on average by 27%
  • Increased profit margins—on average by 17%
  • Service and support costs decreased by 25%


Salesforce CRM helps customers better serve their customers

  • customers increased their own customer satisfaction—on average by 28%
  • Increased customer retention—on average by 26%
  • Increased first call (or contact) resultion—on average by 30%


Salesforce CRM helps customers be more productive

  • customers increased sales productivity—on average by 32%
  • Increased service and support productivity—on average by 37%
  • Increased lead conversion—on average by 27%


Salesforce CRM helps customers get more out of their data

  • customers decreased report generation time—on average by 59%
  • Increased forecast accuracy—on average by 40%


Salesforce CRM helps customers market more effectively

  • customers increased marketing campaign effectiveness—on average by 36%
  • Increased lead volume—on average by 37%


Read more about the success our customers experience in our customer showcase.

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