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Saaspoint Receives 2009 Power of Us Award from Salesforce.com Foundation


Dublin: Tuesday, 28th April, 2009: Saaspoint, the cloud computing consultancy and integrator, today announced it won the Salesforce.com Foundation Power of Us Award. The Award is given to saleforce.com’s corporate partners as recognition for their contribution to non-profit organisations.

“Saaspoint was nominated for the award by the Salesforce.com Foundation for their overall commitment to working with non-profit organisations,” commented Isabel Kelly, International Director, Salesforce.com Foundation. “In particular, their collaboration with Volunteer Centres Ireland (VCI) was outstanding.”

Saaspoint created a Web-to-X programme for VCI. Web-to-X creates automated integration between the VCI website and Force.com so that any requests related to volunteering that are sent to VCI are automatically updated in Force.com. The programme greatly reduces the time spent manually updating data.

“We are delighted to win the Power of Us Award,” said Colm Mulcahy, CEO, Saaspoint Ltd. “Saaspoint’s Web-to-X allows businesses to integrate their website with anything on the Force.com platform. In times like these when efficiency is everything it means that the user will not have to spend as much time on administration.”

“Saaspoint made the 1% model part of their corporate culture, enabling their staff to work with the non-profits organisations that they care about,” continued Isabel Kelly.

The Salesforce Foundation 1% model requires that partners donate 1% of their equity, product or time to the communities in which they live to increase the effectiveness of non-profit organisations so they can better achieve their goals.


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About Saaspoint

Saaspoint is a leading global consulting organization that enables and accelerates cloud computing in the enterprise. Our staff’s tenure at pioneering companies and our close alignment with partners Google and salesforce.com, ensures we stay on the forefront of innovation and customer service. With offices in Europe and America, we deliver real business benefits quickly and cost-effectively.

See: http://www.saaspoint.com

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