Superwoman Becomes First Australian User Of’s Sites

Project will improve direct marketing effectiveness and reduce admin

Sydney, xx June 2009:, the enterprise cloud computing company, today announced the first Australian deployment of Sites by Superwoman, an Australian financial services company dedicated to women. The implementation, by partner Myriad Minds, forms part of a broad strategy to improve the company’s marketing effectiveness by providing more targeted communications to customers. Sites publishes real-time information from Salesforce CRM to a public website and can directly capture customer information from web forms. Sites runs entirely in the cloud, removing the cost and complexity associated with integrating web portals and traditional infrastructure.

For Superwoman it provides a number of benefits:

- Increases the effectiveness of Superwoman’s customer communications, through more targeted mailers and pre-populated sign up forms - Reduces administration and time spent de-duping and managing the customer database - Provides real-time analytics of campaign effectiveness and customer preferences

Anna Windress, Marketing manager, Superwoman said: “Our email marketing activity is hugely important for Superwoman as we engage with customers and encourage them to enlist for our services. However, we were annoying clients by not knowing who they were. We want to make it as easy as possible for our customers to subscribe to our services and also target them as best we can – Sites is making it incredibly easy for us to do this.”

Superwoman routinely sends out email communications to about 50,000 customers in its Salesforce CRM database asking them to enrol for events. Traditionally this would involve the customer spending several minutes inputting their contact details into a web form, which created an average of 500 duplicates per campaign. With Sites, the customer receives individual links to a website displaying their Salesforce CRM record, typically their contact details, eliminating the need for them to re-enter details while also eradicating duplicates as a result.

Windress continued: “Customer retention is a key focus for Superwoman and we want to make sure it’s as easy as possible for customers to enrol for our products and services. It’s well known that the more information a customer is required to input, the less likely they are to do so; customers just want to register for an event or download material from our World Class authors but they want to do this in as few clicks as possible. Using Sites, we’ve made it very easy by asking them to simply confirm the details displayed are accurate and away they go.

“They also have the added benefit of updating the displayed contact details which ensures we maintain accurate and clean data of our clients.”

As a result, Superwoman has seen significant improvements:

- No record duplication and accurate data, eliminating marketing admin, reducing data admin costs and freeing up the team to focus on more proactive marketing activities - Remarkably increased opt in/conversion rate from 50% to 60% over the last 2 months. - Greater analysis of campaign success and accurate response rates.

Windress said: “The real time analytics provides us with an in-valuable insight into the success of specific campaigns as well as information about who is interested in which events and content. We’re now more measurable and accountable, but can also tailor future communications to be even more targeted.”

Glenn Elliott, Managing Director of Myriad Minds, added: “ was already a trusted technology for Superwoman, so it made sense to extend the same platform to manage their event registrations. It was a low-risk, high-return approach."

Superwoman uses’s cloud offerings to run its telesales, e-marketing, event management, e-commerce, order management/invoicing, online payments and financial reporting operations.

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