Stand with us on Team Earth.

Stand with us on Team Earth.


Our people. Our planet.
It's all our business.


We believe that companies can do well and do good. Let's all pledge to be guided by our core values in everything we do.


In trust we trust.

We are accountable to our stakeholders. We build trust through the integrity of our technology, transparency, deep listening, delivering on commitments, and leading with ethics and integrity.

When our customers succeed, we succeed.

So we champion them to achieve extraordinary things with technology that builds stronger relationships. Between companies and customers. Between employees and far-flung teams. Between people who want to make a difference.

Sparking change with innovation.

Technology has the power to transform our world for the better. As builders and creators, we have the opportunity — and the obligation — to harness this power for the greater good.

Equality for all.

We believe in creating equal access, opportunities, and rights for everyone. We strive to be active allies, working toward a more equal, just, and inclusive world.

Net zero, now.

We are on a mission to drive meaningful climate action at scale. Creating a sustainable future requires everyone – governments, scientists, investors, businesses, individuals – to reach net zero together.

Join #TeamEarth.

Each #TeamEarth member takes their own journey to help people succeed, ecosystems thrive, and communities shine. Whatever your approach, here are a few ways to start turning values into actions.


Seek diversity, practice inclusivity.

Share knowledge about unconscious bias and how to promote workplace equality with our online module on Trailhead, “Cultivate Equality at Work.”

Draft an actionable climate plan.

The path to net zero begins with a plan and concrete steps. Put your plan in motion with these six strategic priorities and our free climate action guide.

Put down some roots.

Trees sequester atmospheric CO2, filter air pollution, and reduce urban heat islands. Support to help conserve, restore, and grow 1 trillion trees by 2030.

Pledge to share your success.

Join more than 12,000 companies that have committed 1% of their equity, products, and/or employee time to improve the communities in which they live and work.

Build with intention.

Learn how to create products with ethics, accessibility, and inclusion at their core. Our free Trailhead learning modules can show you the way.

Support ecopreneurs.

Fund and support the innovators who are creating extraordinary solutions to our greatest climate challenges.

Join the conversation.


Work your values.

Equality is a core Salesforce value. Not only does it help us become a better company, but it also helps us innovate and build deep connections. Join us in our mission to build a more inclusive workplace and a better world for all.