Ajman Department of Finance

With Salesforce, we can deliver Ajman citizens a richer experience. We can meet higher service levels and unlock greater efficiency gains.”

- HE Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director General of Ajman Department of Finance

Ajman Department of Finance blazes a trail in efficiency with smarter apps and faster workflows

Ajman is one of the seven Emirates (states) of United Arab Emirates (UAE), a charming emirate and the smallest of the seven and situated along a natural creek. Favorable business conditions and shrewd investment decisions have led to Ajman becoming one of the Gulf’s most successful and rapidly expanding economic environments and now firmly established as the business, financial and commercial hub of the region.

“At Ajman Department of Finance, we’re responsible for improving the efficiency of our services, simplifying how people engage with us, and supporting the government’s 2021 vision said HE Marwan Ahmed Al Ali, Director General of Ajman Department of Finance.

The Director General and the employees at Ajman Department of Finance are already blazing a trail towards their 2021 goals.  Since 2017, they have transformed and automated many services resulting in the improvement of the overall services level.

Eliminating manual processes to maximize efficiency

Like many organizations, Ajman DOF was reliant on manual processes, printed paperwork, Emails, and phone calls to complete daily tasks. To improve efficiency and the customer experience, the Department of Finance decided to build a series of apps and customize workflows based on the Salesforce Platform.

“We had 45 days to complete the transformation – and we hit the deadline!” said Mohammed Jassem Al Ali, Head of Government Strategy and Accounts & Head of Digital Transformation Team, Ajman Department of Finance. “Real-time data and automated processes have enabled a huge step-change in how we deliver public services and run the Department.” Thanks to the process improvements, the team at the Department of Finance can now devote 60% more time to deliver value instead of administration.


Analytics and real-time dashboards boost visibility of performance metrics

As well as making the Department more efficient and effective, the management team now has greater visibility of key performance metrics.  Instead of spending days compiling reports that are immediately out of date, they can now view Salesforce dashboards on their smartphones- on a real time basis. 

By developing a series of custom dashboards and harnessing the power of Einstein Analytics, Mr. Al Ali can review anything from budget reconciliation progress to satisfaction ratings in a matter of minutes. “I want to use AI and Analytics to help improve service visibility within other Departments,” explained Mr. Mohammed. “Taking data out of people’s heads and making it more accessible minimizes the need for time-consuming meetings.” and it makes our decisions more efficient.

Salesforce simplifies learning new skills

User adoption can be a major challenge in any business transformation initiative, but the teams at Ajman Department of Finance have been quick to embrace the change. “It took a matter of minutes to introduce our employees to the new processes,” said Mr. Mohammed. “They were amazed by how much simpler and more satisfying their jobs would become; the value of Salesforce and the transformation was immediately apparent.” 

By centralizing and automating the entire employee-training process, Salesforce has eliminated the need for weeks of manual effort.

“When an employee is enrolled to a course, Salesforce automatically sends them a questionnaire so the instructor can understand their needs prior to the training,” explained Mr. Mohammed. 

Attendance, tests, surveys, and certificates are also all managed via the solution, which makes the learning process simpler and smoother, for both, the employees and the instructors. “By developing the skills of our people, Ajman will be in a better position to compete with other Emirates.”

Closing the financial accounts and client cases faster

The Ajman Department of Finance has unlocked numerous efficiency gains through the implementation of Salesforce. However, the largest of them by far, would be the time saving benefit in relation to its accounting operations. With more than 950 closing periods, across various Government Departments, the accounting and auditing cycles would normally entail a massive manual effort and a lengthy paper trail.

In addition to that, the service teams can now handle and close up to 40 requests, compared to only 10, within the same time period.

Blazing a trail for all of Ajman

The Ajman Department of Finance is leading the way for other Ajman organizations – public and private – to work smarter and innovate faster. “With Salesforce, we can deliver to our Customers a richer governmental service experience. We can meet higher service level targets and unlock greater efficiency gains,” said Mr. Mohammed.

Now that the Department and its processes are 100% automated, Mr Mohammed is looking at how he and his colleagues can leverage other new technologies and trends to achieve the 2021 vision for Ajman. “We want to create a happy and cohesive society that is proud of its heritage and respects the environment. With Salesforce, we can keep improving and innovating to achieve this goal,” added Mr. Mohammed.


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