Salesforce is the tool that helps our customer success managers simultaneously engage with thousands of customers while better understanding their KPIs and business needs. Salesforce enables both us and our customers to make smarter data driven decisions.”

- Eran Lefler, Chief Operating Officer at AppsFlyer.

1trillion +

monthly measured mobile activities


AppsFlyer and Salesforce: Putting Data to Work

In 2011, Oren Kaniel and Reshef Mann, two high school friends and engineers, witnessed firsthand the exponential growth in apps leading to increased advertising budgets across the mobile ecosystem.
Taking a broad view of the market, Kaniel and Mann understood early on that helping marketers attribute marketing activity to business growth and success required four things: accurate data, a strong commitment to privacy and security, ongoing customer-centric innovation, and an unbiased, customer-obsessed approach.

Oh, yes, and one more thing - they also knew that they would need to rely on the best suite of web-based CRM applications to help them find, win, and keep customers.

“I’m proud to say that AppsFlyer has the lowest churn rate in our industry” states Eran Lefler, Chief Operating Officer at AppsFlyer. “Our customers are not only selecting us, they’re choosing to stay with us. Since day one, Salesforce has played a major part in maintaining our remarkable customer loyalty by helping us put our customers at the center of everything we do.”

The #1 Choice for Marketers Worldwide

AppsFlyer began trailblazing the scene almost a decade ago in a tiny Tel Aviv office. Now with 18 global offices, over 1 trillion monthly measured mobile activities and $28B annual ad spend measured, AppsFlyer has grown into the global attribution leader and the #1 choice for marketers worldwide.
Over 12,000 enterprise customers worldwide have already chosen AppsFlyer, including leading brands like eBay, HBO, Tencent, NBC Universal, Minecraft, US Bank, Macy’s, and Nike. While AppsFlyer already spearheads the mobile attribution economy with over 70% market share, its goal is to become even bigger by continuing to develop the industry’s most innovative and accurate attribution, marketing analytics and fraud prevention solutions.

“Salesforce is the tool that helps our customer success managers simultaneously engage with thousands of customers while better understanding their KPIs and business needs, for example acquisition, retention or both” says Lefler. Salesforce enables both us and our customers to make smarter data driven decisions.”

By allowing their clients to put their data to work with a holistic view of every user journey across platforms, channels, and devices, AppsFlyer can act as the foundation of their clients’ marketing tech stack and become their source of truth when it comes to their marketing data.

Keeping It Unified with Salesforce

Operating across 18 global offices with new employees joining every day compels AppsFlyer to maintain a unified business flow, and requires well-defined and efficient business processes. “Salesforce empowers our teams to work faster,smarter, and in alignment with our global offices, whether they work out of New York or Berlin” said Lefler. “This allows us to deliver a solution to every requirement. The integration between Salesforce and our operational product gives us incredibly accurate business data. All aspects of the client- product, service, communication, support, commercial, legal and finance are managed in Salesforce via business logic built into Salesforce and complementary tools, to gain end to end visibility and care for each client”.

Long-Term Value Equals the Industry’s Highest Retention Rate

With AppsFlyer’s competitive landscape getting more crowded, maintaining their industry-leading benchmark retention rate has become a key success factor. “Salesforce delivers a lightning-fast user experience, helping everyone on our team to successfully carry out our customer-obsessed approach and be more productive anytime, anywhere” said Lefler.

Another key factor fueling off-the-chart retention numbers is AppsFlyer’s ability to deliver best in class customer support. “By connecting to our customers in a whole new way, our customers enjoy unparalleled customer support, making AppsFlyer a trusted extension of their marketing and BI teams” the AppsFlyer COO proudly stated.

Supercharging Growth Hand in Hand

AppsFlyer didn’t become the world’s leading mobile attribution company by focusing on retention alone. The company also continues to enjoy supercharged growth across all key benchmarks by blazing a trail hand in hand with the world’s leading CRM solution.

“As more businesses continue recognizing that an attribution platform is a mission-critical tool, I’m humbled that more top brands, agencies and developers are coming aboard and trusting us to help them make better marketing decisions, protect their ad spend from fraud, and fuel their own data-driven marketing innovations” says Lefler. “Salesforce presents us with the capabilities to leave no digital opportunity unexplored and pave the way to partnering with more and more leading companies across every vertical.”

And AppsFlyer has the numbers to back up the claim. Earlier this year, AppsFlyer announced that it surpassed $150 million in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) in the third quarter of 2018, growing at 100% every 12 months. Driving the company’s revenue growth are the 89,000 apps whose marketers use AppsFlyer’s products and services, propelling the company to be the world’s #1 attribution choice.

In addition, AppsFlyer has continued to form partnerships with many prominent brands, including eBay, NBCUniversal, Adidas, Hyundai, and Coca-Cola. AppsFlyer’s technology is now found on nearly 7 billion mobile devices, up from 4.5 billion devices at the same time last year.. At the same time, AppsFlyer’s continued innovation of anti-fraud solutions resulted in significantly higher savings for marketing departments using AppsFlyer’s technology – blocking an estimated $9.8 million a day of ad fraud.

Attribute Every Touchpoint Across the User Journey

AppsFlyer and Salesforce have much in common. Both value data. Both strive to provide their customers with the best insights, groundbreaking tools and infallible customer support. And just as AppsFlyer’s customers use data supplied by the attribution giant to build, tweak and optimize their campaigns, AppsFlyer itself relies on data provided by Salesforce’s Sales Cloud to make sure that they’re on the right path.

“The most important thing for us in our business infrastructure is to deliver a complete, reliable, and accurate reflection of the information in the field” says Lefler. “There’s a lot of business data coming through. Salesforce enables both us and our customers to make smarter data driven decisions.” And continued, “With Sales Cloud we can make every minute count: standardize processes, automate manual tasks, and access data across devices –even offline. This results in boosting team impact with insights, guidance, and forecasts.”

“By connecting every process and data source, Salesforce allows us to implement a pro-active data approach and scale operations” says Lefler. “The capability of controlling and managing a large number of customers through one centralized platform, helps us coordinate between departments and enables us to improve customer success efficiency across all channels by creating a single view of a customer's activity.”

Same goes for identifying fresh sales opportunities. Since day one, Salesforce’s Sales Cloud has helped AppsFlyer streamline its sales activity through smarter contact management, intra-department opportunity management, and forecasting tools.

“We view Salesforce as a technological playground that enables us to build the right processes, at the right time. By continuously offering us the latest data-based capabilities and applications, Salesforce has allowed us to grow from a bold idea into a huge company.” concludes Lefler”. “Our hyper growth is driving us to reinvent, improve and develop our business processes constantly, and with Salesforce we are able to do so.”


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