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Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform. It’s the perfect partner to help us achieve our vision of becoming Morocco’s #1 insurance broker company.”

Fehd Bouab | Deputy CEO, Beassur Marsh

85 employees
Salesforce customer since 2017


Beassur Marsh challenges moroccan insurance industry to elevate the customer experience with Salesforce

How far would you go to give customers an amazing experience? For Trailblazing Moroccan insurance broker, Beassur Marsh, reimagining the customer experience was just the beginning. The disruptor is also challenging the market and national regulations to make the whole industry more accountable and transparent for customers.

“We wanted to raise the standard industry customer experience from naught to 10 through digitalisation,” said Fehd Bouab, Deputy CEO at Beassur Marsh. “That means lobbying the government and the insurance companies to change the regulations and practices on keeping paper records and leading by example with Salesforce.”

And offering a cutting-edge experience with greater self-service is certainly going down well with customers, putting Beassur Marsh in a strong position to win a much bigger market share in Morocco.

“In 2017, we ranked at number 12 in our sector and had 20 staff,” said Bouab. “With Salesforce, we’ve grown to 85 and are fourth in the country. In the next five years we plan on becoming Morocco’s top player in the insurance brokerage industry.”

Salesforce makes us more responsive and efficient. Having zero downtime during the pandemic was also a real bonus.”

Fehd Bouab | Deputy CEO, Beassur Marsh

Eliminating manual processes to give customers a better experience.

Beassur was founded in 1974 and offers a range of B2B insurance products to large and medium enterprises. The current CEO, Mehdi Tazi, bought the company in 2017, and it was recently acquired by US global insurance giant broker, Marsh.

“With such a heavy reliance on paper, we lacked visibility of our customers. If they called to request copies of documents, getting accurate information to them could take between 15-30 days,” explained Nissrine Brouss, project Manager at Beassur Marsh. “We live in an increasingly digital world, and customers have come to expect much faster services. When the company changed hands in 2017, transforming the customer experience was a top priority.”

B2B insurance can be complex. One customer may have several different insurance policies covering multiple assets and involving numerous stakeholders. It usually falls to the customer’s HR and/or Financial team to track and manage these policies and report back to higher managers.

Beassur Marsh was confident that with Salesforce, it could empower customers with custom dashboards and self-serve capabilities to manage 95% of the tasks they need to do and unlock greater accountability. But first, it had an office full of legacy technology to deal with.

“When I joined the company in 2017, some of the technology was nearly 20 years old. My background in IT helped me to know that the right platform could transform operations and bring our customer-centric vision to life,” said Bouab.

Taking a platform approach to transformation.

Beassur Marsh went to market to find a single platform to support the business. It needed a solution that could integrate well with other systems, automate data exchange with partners, and act as an ERP. Tazi and Bouab decided Salesforce CRM was the perfect fit, with Experience Cloud to empower customers with new levels of transparency and self-service.

The team worked with implementation partner Siway to customise and roll out Salesforce CRM and build a customer portal on Experience Cloud. The platform was launched in November 2019, and when the COVID-19 pandemic hit in March 2020, staff pivoted to remote working seamlessly over a weekend.

With the country in lockdown, the volume of claims fell dramatically, which gave the team the perfect opportunity to focus on cleaning 10 years of legacy customer data ready to populate the portal.

“We couldn’t launch the portal with non reliable data. Our goal was to give customers 360-degree visibility of their policies from the moment they signed a contract with us,” added Bouab. “Data needed to be accurate, comprehensive, exhaustive and accessible.”

Digitalising documents, processes, and payments.

To streamline internal processes, the team created a new data model to balance meeting compliance with insurance regulations and national laws. Custom journeys were mapped for each of the approximately 50 different types of insurance offered. This was particularly important for health insurance, which requires restricted access to sensitive data.

“We built an app for health insurance customers and linked it to Salesforce via web services. They can use it to securely access their data from their phone,” said Bouab.

Documents such as contracts, invoices, warranties, and claims data are all managed in Salesforce, and customers can use web-to-case to open a claim. These are then automatically routed to the service lead, who can allocate them to the support team. All cases are acknowledged within two hours.

Salesforce is integrated with the company’s accounting solution to track payments and ensure they’re logged against the customer’s record and in the banking system. Finally, leads and opportunities are also managed on the platform, with dashboards displaying stats such as turnover and conversion rates. Since 2018, the broker has achieved an impressive retention rate of almost 99.5% every year.

“Salesforce makes us more responsive and efficient. Having zero downtime during the pandemic was also a real bonus,” revealed Bouab. “A lot of other insurance brokers had to down tools for up to 15 days or more while they raced to mobilise the workforce, but we could offer customers the same seamless experience.”

Empowering customers with dashboards and data.

Moving to cloud wasn’t just beneficial for remote working, it was also crucial for giving customers access to real-time dashboards without impacting company bandwidth. Customers can log into a user-friendly portal containing all their documents and account information. At the tap of a button, they can browse and even customise dashboards to drill down into insurance data and make smarter decisions about their policies.

“When we show customers our portal at our initial meeting, their jaws drop. They can’t believe the level of service we can offer,” said Brouss. “We run workshops to teach them how to use the portal and they can take control of their account from there.”

And customers love using the portal; not only does it make life significantly easier – especially at bigger companies with more complex accounts – they can access information without having to go through the broker. But if they do need extra support, the team is just a phone call or email away.

Blazing a trail in the insurance industry.

The shift to digital also supports a more data-driven culture at the company. The team can tap into richer analytics to make smarter decisions and run simulations to predict customer behaviour. As a broker we then use this data to offer better advice to customers to help them plan and manage their accounts, like a consulting firm.

“With Salesforce, we can offer not just insurance, but a more valuable experience to our customers,” said Brouss. “Making insurance easier and more transparent for customers is a huge win for them, and it’s helping to grow our market share – our turnover is significantly increasing every year.”

As Beassur Marsh continues to blaze a trail in the sector and to fight for a nation-wide shift in regulations, its journey of continuous improvement is only just beginning. To take the customer experience to the next level, it’s currently planning on automating and personalising marketing journeys.

“Salesforce is the world’s #1 CRM platform. It’s the perfect partner to help us achieve our vision of becoming Morocco’s #1 insurance broker,” concluded Bouab.

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