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Having this complete view of the customer means our customer service agents and technicians can provide more attentive, personalised service.”

Thalia Schindler | CIO, Carasso Motors.
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decline in open cases in the insurance agency


Carasso Motors accelerates its customer-centric business with a 360-degree view

Carasso Motors is more than a car dealer. While its mother company is the official importer of Renault, Nissan, Dacia, and Infinity vehicles in Israel, its five subsidiaries lease and rent cars, sell used cars, offer financing, and provide personal insurance. All of this made it difficult for the company to form a single view of each customer.

“The same customer could find themselves managed in four different systems in our company, under four different phone numbers and email addresses,” recalls Thalia Schindler, CIO, Carasso Motors. “We couldn’t see that the customer who just bought a used car from us also had a leased car from his job and a homeowner’s policy with us.”

Carasso Motors recently set out to form a single, 360-degree view of each customer so that its customer service agents and service center technicians could provide more relevant, personalised service in every contact—and take advantage of more cross-selling and upselling opportunities. The company also aimed to provide its managers with better analytical tools to support strategic decisions.

Within three hours of go-live, a “dream come true.”

During a thorough assessment process, Carasso Motors evaluated several CRM solutions—including Microsoft and Oracle—before deciding to implement a suite of Salesforce solutions and integrate the platform with its telephone system. Each Carasso Motors sales process now begins in Salesforce and ends in the appropriate ERP system, with no need for multiple logins.

“Within three hours of going live, the contact center manager in our Dacia business told me we had made his dream come true,” recalls Schindler. “The omnichannel functionality enabled them to start spreading incoming leads based on business tools. Suddenly, leads were coming right into each rep’s Salesforce homepage, where they could just click to dial out.”

A complete customer view at every touchpoint.

Implementing Service Cloud made an immediate difference for Carasso Motors’ many service centers. Now, when a customer arrives, service staff can immediately see which vehicles and services the customer has previously purchased. This complete customer view is available at every point of contact throughout the company—whether it’s a technician in the service center or a representative communicating by phone or WhatsApp.

“Having this complete view of the customer means our customer service agents and technicians can provide more attentive, personalised service,” Schindler explains. “For example, when a customer comes in with a malfunction, the technician can see that the customer is due for routine service in two weeks and offer to perform that service today, saving the customer an extra trip.”

Carasso Motors now relies on Salesforce Field Service for booking sales appointments. The company is also rolling out Service Cloud and Salesforce Field Service to help 100 users in its leasing and rental services schedule car pickups quickly and easily.

Marketing automation streamlines a new car launch event.

When Carasso Motors hosted an event to launch the new Nissan Juke in Israel, the company used Salesforce marketing automation to invite customers and let them register through a custom form. As soon as customers arrived at the event, marketing and sales staff could immediately recognise them in Salesforce. Customers who wanted to request price quotes or place orders were able to do so on tablets powered by Salesforce. The whole solution came together in less than one week.

Meanwhile, Carasso Motors’ insurance business is using Service Cloud to streamline sending signed policies from auto insurance companies to customers via WhatsApp. Next, the company will roll out Service Cloud in its leasing and rental businesses to streamline core tasks.

Using Salesforce’s dynamic dashboards, mid-range managers throughout Carasso Motors can monitor performance and make better business decisions. They’ve already seen key metrics such as an 80 percent decline in open cases in the insurance agency, a 10 percent increase in self-service scheduling for service center appointments, and a 20 percent increase in overall service center appointment scheduling.

Scaling service through a global pandemic.

Like most companies around the world, Carasso Motors found its business processes tested by the COVID-19 pandemic. Carasso Motors worked with Salesforce’s Israel branch to implement WhatsApp through Salesforce within a week, gaining another channel for servicing customers from anywhere. When employees came back to work, Schindler’s team leveraged the flexibility of the Salesforce platform to build a landing page that would streamline the process of taking and recording employees’ temperatures every morning.

“With the many apps that plug into our Salesforce platform, we’re confident we have the tools to maintain good communication and provide outstanding service to our customers no matter what the future brings,” Schindler remarks. “The first day we began offering video meetings to customers through WhatsApp or Zoom, we already had 10 meetings scheduled—and that’s continuing to grow.”

Becoming a trailblazer means taking risks.

Reflecting on Carasso Motors’ journey with Salesforce, Schindler points to several trailblazers in her organization who helped make Carasso Motors’ transformation happen—and commends the company’s leadership for giving them the opportunity.

“A trailblazer needs the chance to make mistakes,” says Schindler. “In the past, we sometimes developed processes or solutions that didn’t work as we expected. Now, with powerful Salesforce tools at our fingertips, we’ve found our platform for developing the innovations that will blaze our trail for future growth.”

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