With Salesforce, agent productivity has increased by 17% and agent quality scores are up at 85%.”

— David Webb, Director of Operations, CarTrawler

CarTrawler has helped 10 million travellers around the globe reach their destinations by connecting them with car rental, trains, and private transfer operators.

With its market-leading technology platform and extensive network of 2,000-plus suppliers and partners, CarTrawler has taken the travel market by storm. It’s been featured in the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Awards for The Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland for the last seven years.

David Webb, Director of Operations at CarTrawler, recognises that exceptional service is essential for driving future growth. “The customer is at the heart of our organisation,” he said. “In a commoditised market such as ground transportation, it’s the customer experience that will make us stand out from the competition. We want to be at the cutting-edge when it comes to providing a personalised experience.”

To ensure its customers always receive the service levels they expect, CarTrawler established an in-house Customer Centre of Excellence (CCE) in 2015. “If you arrive at the airport and are unable to pick up your hire car or meet your driver, you need to talk to someone quickly so your holiday isn’t ruined. Customers tell us that speed and resolution is what equals great service.” said Webb.

Technology issues, however, were impacting the CCE team’s ability to respond in a timely manner. “We have great people, but they were being held back by system limitations and complex and manual processes,” explained Webb. “We needed a more stable and scalable platform.”

More personalised and responsive customer services

In January 2016, CarTrawler’s leaders took the decision to deploy Service Cloud; three months later, it went live to approximately 200 employees. “Service Cloud is the leader in the market for customer service; it’s also easy to implement. It took us just 14 weeks to speed through the discovery process, two Agile sprints, user acceptance testing, and deployment,” said Webb.

The CCE team uses Service Cloud to provide support to customers at a number of touchpoints during the customer journey. “From general enquiries and queries through to case management at the point of pick-up and beyond, Service Cloud will help CarTrawler provide service to travellers at every stage of their journey,” said Webb.

Automated workflows and a customised interface make case management both intuitive and efficient for CCE agents. For example, thanks to integration with CarTrawler’s telephony system, customers’ details can automatically appear on screen when they call the CCE. “Our old system was based on individual bookings, so we didn’t have visibility of the customer’s full history,” explained Webb. “ Service Cloud enabled us to make customer interactions more visible to our agents, which helps us better understand their experience to date and helps us to provide a more relevant and personalised service.”

To make it easier for agents to send consistent communications when responding to customer queries and contacting suppliers, CarTrawler has created a number of email templates in Service Cloud. The agents can also access a library of knowledge articles, covering everything from policies and processes to the dimensions of rental vehicles.

“With Service Cloud, we’ve begun to transform the experience for our agents as well as our customers,” said Webb. “We can not only provide a faster response but a smarter response.” And CarTrawler’s leaders have the metrics to prove it.

Driving performance improvements

Using customised Service Cloud dashboards, agents, managers, and directors can track key performance metrics, such as contact volumes, open cases, and SLA breaches — all in real time. “We can spot issues and trends as they occur,” explained Webb. “For example, if we have lots of calls relating to a particular airport, we can investigate the underlying reason and take appropriate action.”

The dashboards also aid staff resourcing and development decisions. “The data collected by Service Cloud helps us identify if we need to deliver more training or make changes to processes,” said Webb. The Salesforce Mobile App provides anytime, anywhere access to these dashboards, enabling Webb and his management colleagues to keep in touch with the CCE even when they are out of the office.

They can also stay in touch with individual service agents via Chatter if they need help resolving an issue. “Chatter is a great way to engage with the CCE team; we’re looking at how we can expand our usage to reduce the volume of emails,” said Webb. “We also use Chatter to provide a bit of light relief during the busy summer season with photo challenges, competitions, and even Office Olympics.”

Better team collaboration, richer customer insights, and smarter processes have contributed to a 17% increase in CCE agent productivity and a 22% reduction in average case age. The team can respond to more queries, more effectively. “Every month we review agent performance against a set of criteria such as response quality. Agent quality scores are now up at 85%, which is a 5% improvement since before we implemented Salesforce. We’re also getting great feedback and reviews, which are vital for building the business. Our next plan is to roll out a service and booking management community built on Community Cloud,” said Webb.

But CarTrawler has even bigger ambitions. It doesn’t just want to deliver exceptional customer service; it also wants to deliver exceptional marketing campaigns and sales results. “With Salesforce we can bring greater agility and efficiency to different areas of the business to improve the customer journey,” said Webb.

For many customers, this journey often starts with an email marketing campaign. “We don't want to clutter up people’s inboxes with irrelevant content,” said Glen Lowis, Head of CRM at CarTrawler. “With Marketing Cloud, we can segment our audience and ensure email communications to customers and prospects are highly targeted and personalised.”

By integrating Marketing Cloud with Service Cloud on a single platform, customers with open cases or pending refunds can be automatically excluded from communications until their issue is resolved. If a potential customer abandons an online reservation, Marketing Cloud generates an automated email with content relating to their journey so far.

CarTrawler’s leaders want to bring similar levels of automation and personalisation to its B2B relationships. The company partners with more than 2,000 online travel retailers and 95 airlines, which use its platform to provide ground transportation options for their customers.

With Pardot and Sales Cloud, CarTrawler can nurture potential business customers more effectively. “The Business Development Team can now keep track of who has downloaded our industry reports and thought leadership articles and use them to start a conversation,” said Evelyn Byrne, Communications Manager at CarTrawler. “Salesforce is helping us engage with both existing and potential partners so we can improve service quality and grow the business.”

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