With Salesforce, we can continuously improve quality and efficiency. It enables us to achieve more with the same people.”

—Pieter Baeyaert, CIO, Corilus
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Corilus brings connected healthcare to more patients with Salesforce

When Marie makes an urgent home visit to an elderly patient, she uses a mobile device to access a full medical history. She makes a quick and accurate diagnosis and prescribes new medication. This is Corilus’ vision for the future of healthcare. And Salesforce is helping to make it a reality.
“We believe that every patient – and every healthcare provider - deserves the best experience,” said Pieter Baeyaert, Corilus CIO. “As populations age and chronic diseases increase, the focus on primary care is growing. Our software helps healthcare professionals spend more time treating patients.”

Richer patient information empowers healthcare professionals

From GPs and pharmacists to nurses and dentists – front-line care givers at more than 40,000 organisations across Belgium use Corilus software on a daily basis to capture, access, and share information. The company has a 30-year track record in providing medical software and is now blazing a trail in connected healthcare.
“We are transforming the experience for healthcare professionals by empowering them with richer patient information and simpler administrative processes,” said Baeyaert. ”Our focus is now on the patient; our pioneering app and portal will provide them with access to their own primary care records. It will be a first in Belgium.”

With Field Service Lightning, we can make better use of our resources, which means technicians can spend more time with customers.”

Pieter Baeyaert, CIO, Corilus

Corilus puts Salesforce at the heart of its digital roadmap

To deliver on its connected healthcare ambitions, Corilus needs to ensure its own teams and processes are also connected. “As part of our 1Corilus vision, we’ve created a digital roadmap to simplify and unify how we work,” explained Baeyaert.

Salesforce is at the heart of this digital roadmap providing a central platform for sales, customer service, order fulfilment, and financial management. Around 300 members of staff use the solution on a daily basis to respond to field service requests, track new leads, and deliver training. “With Salesforce, we can further increase quality and efficiency. It enables us to achieve more with the same people,” said Baeyaert.

Centralised platform reduces complexity

Implementing a centralised platform represented both a big technological and cultural change for Corilus. “We had a very fragmented IT landscape due to a number of acquisitions; we had multiple systems for the same thing,” explained Baeyaert. “Since deploying Salesforce, we’ve retired more than 10 systems, which has reduced complexity.”

Corilus worked with Salesforce partner 4C to execute a phased implementation and to establish integrations with other systems used for core business processes, such as enterprise resource planning, voice call system, remote support tools, and accounting. “The gap from where we were to where we wanted to be was huge. We, together with 4C and Salesforce, under-estimated the change and complexity involved,” said Baeyaert.

Excellent customer service drives competitive advantage

Enabling continuous improvement is essential for driving profitable growth and competitive advantage. “In our market, word of mouth can make or break a company,” explained Baeyaert. “We need to deliver great software and great service to strengthen our reputation and maintain year-on-year growth.”

Even a small service issue can have a big impact on Corilus customers. Healthcare providers rely on its software to access their appointment schedules, medical history, deliver medicines, to capture patient notes and much more. With Salesforce, Corilus has transformed customer service with more centralised teams and digitalised workflows. “Our field technicians and service desk agents can now work more efficiently and deliver more consistent outcomes for our customers,” said Baeyaert.

Field Service Lightning optimises technician time

As well as responding to queries about its software, Corilus’ technicians help with hardware repairs and installations at customer sites. With Field Service Lightning, the technicians can plan their visits more easily, which optimises the time they spend travelling. The app along with other AppExchange solutions has also reduced administration by simplifying stock checks for replacement parts, enabling digitalised customer sign-offs, and providing guided workflows.

“With Field Service Lightning, we can make better use of our resources, which means technicians can spend more time with customers,” said Baeyaert. “It is particularly useful when there’s an unplanned intervention as we can now see who is nearest to the customer site and ask them to respond.”

Faster response to customer queries boosts satisfaction

Corilus has also empowered its 50-strong service desk teams to work more collaboratively and effectively. “The faster we respond to a query, the faster front-line care providers can get back to treating patients,” said Baeyaert. “With Service Cloud, we’ve improved pickup rates and response times. Customer satisfaction levels have been going up, even though the volume of calls has increased.”

When different agents and teams collaborate on a case, they capture their conversations in Chatter. “Greater visibility increases quality,” said Baeyaert. The enterprise social networking tool is also used when teams join forces to work on new business opportunities.

Greater visibility of sales cycle and performance

As part of its digital roadmap, Corilus has migrated its sales operation to Sales Cloud. Every opportunity and every interaction with both customers and prospects are now logged centrally, which increases visibility and governance. “We want to digitalize the entire sales process – from the initial lead to the final contract,” explained Baeyaert. “With Sales Cloud, we can guide our teams through the sales cycle capturing actions and metrics along the way.”

These metrics are displayed on dashboards, which enable managers to track performance and identify employee coaching needs. “By making our sales operation more metrics-based, it becomes more fact-based. We now have much better control of individual leads and the overall pipeline,” said Baeyaert.

Consistent quotes reduce go-live timelines for new customers

Corilus also has better control of customer quotes. With Salesforce CPQ, it can ensure that sales reps only offer the services and products in its catalogue. “Our quotes are now more detailed and precise. This means we can deliver on the initial promises made to customers,” explained Baeyaert.

As well as using Salesforce CPQ to establish rules and validations that guide reps through the quote process, the solution also suggests up-selling opportunities.

Automated processes increase efficiency and quality of training

Empowering people to work faster and smarter is important to Corilus – whether it’s for employees or customers. With Field Service Lightning, it can train healthcare providers on its software more quickly and effectively.

The solution supports the delivery of on-site workshops and e-learning webinars, ensuring that all training sessions are tracked, signed off, and invoiced. “Field Service Lightning has automated our training operation, eliminating administration and improving quality,” explained Baeyaert.

Delivering greater value to customers and patients

he data captured by Field Service Lightning and the other Salesforce solutions provides Corilus with a unique insight into its business and potential future improvements. “With Salesforce, we can ensure we spend our time on valuable activities that benefit our customers and their patients,” said Baeyaert.

As part of its digital roadmap, Corilus wants to introduce self-service for its healthcare customers, which will be powered by Community Cloud. “Enabling customers to track their service requests, software licenses, and invoices via an online community will increase flexibility and efficiency,” explained Baeyaert.

By improving its internal processes and the customer experience, Corilus will be able to help caregivers like Marie spend more time with patients and achieve better health outcomes.

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