Currencies Direct

Salesforce helps us get money to our customers faster wherever they are in the world. We increased our sales conversion rate by 28 percent.”

- Gary Pitt, Head of Marketing

Foreign exchange specialist doubles customer base with better service levels, greater intelligence and multi-channel engagement

When Emma found her ideal home in Spain, she turned to Currencies Direct to get her deposit converted into euros. Emma is one of thousands of new customers that the foreign exchange firm has landed since deploying Salesforce.

Mélina Moussali, Global Head of Dealing at Currencies Direct, explains: “Over the last couple of years, we have doubled our customer base – without doubling our workforce. Salesforce helps us deliver a better quality of service and a better customer experience.”

In an increasingly saturated foreign exchange market, making trading as easy as possible for customers is a key differentiator. “It used to take hours, sometimes days, to onboard a new customer,” reveals Head of Marketing Gary Pitt. “Now they can register and trade online within five minutes.”

By enabling customers to engage more easily and across multiple channels, Currencies Direct increased its sales conversion rate by 28 percent over the last two years.


Trading up for the future

Founded in 1996 as one of the first non-bank foreign exchange payment specialists in the UK, Currencies Direct has a strong pedigree. “Our mission is to provide a simple, friendly and cost-effective alternative to banks,” says Moussali.

In 2013, the company set ambitious new growth goals. “To achieve our targets, we needed to transform our approach to capturing and sharing customer intelligence, however, we had limited visibility of what business we were actually doing,” explains Moussali.

When Currencies Direct deployed Service Cloud, it opened up a new window into its business and a new way of doing business. “The traders live in Service Cloud. They come in, they log in. They can’t do anything without it,” says Moussali.

Around 85 percent of the company, including 200 employees across sales, marketing, compliance, customer service and trading, use Salesforce on a daily basis.

With Service Cloud, traders can see new customers that have registered online overnight.

“Now when a customer completes a lead capture form on our website, it feeds back into Service Cloud. The teams can see everything they need via a single screen.”

Service Cloud is also integrated with Currencies Direct’s trading system, pricing engine and online trading platform to ensure a seamless experience. “We’ve minimised the number of clicks our staff has to make when helping a customer. This makes both our people and our processes more efficient, which ultimately leads to more satisfied customers,” explains Moussali.

With information now captured centrally, both individual employees and Currencies Direct’s management team can track customer service levels.

“Service Cloud helps traders monitor activity levels.” says Moussali. “I can look at my dashboard at the end of the day and check the level of activity per team and individual. This insight helps identify if additional resources are needed to cope with demand.”

Thanks to the Salesforce Mobile App, all this performance data can be viewed while on the move, which means Moussali and her colleagues always have their fingers on the pulse of the business.

Smarter customer communications

Salesforce has also helped to transform customer relationships at Currencies Direct. "Marketing Cloud has revolutionised our communications strategy,” reveals Pitt. “We can segment customers based on the currencies they’re interested in, the time they contacted us and for what reason. This means we can be smarter about how and when we send out marketing emails.”

Currencies Direct sends relevant communications to thousands of customers per month using the email module of Marketing Cloud.

“Ongoing communication is really for customer service and retention.” says Pitt. “With Marketing Cloud, we can measure which of our activities are more effective.”

The solution also helps Currencies Direct better understand its customers’ demographics, which results in more targeted communications and campaigns.

For Currencies Direct, this is just the beginning of its customer intelligence journey: Pitt wants to achieve even greater segmentation and personalisation in the future. For example, he hopes to use Pardot, a marketing automation tool that forms part of the Sales Cloud family, to build customer profiles.

“The great thing about Salesforce is that whatever we want to do in the future, there is a solution or an ecosystem app that will enable us to do it,” says Pitt.

The ability to continuously innovate is key to staying one step ahead in such a competitive industry. “With Salesforce we can continue to grow even with new entrants to the market,” says Pitt. “We can also make our customers’ lives easier, by getting money to them faster wherever they are in the world.”



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