With Salesforce, we can reach more people and help them have more control of their investments.”

- Matthieu Remy, CEO, Easyvest
Salesforce customer since 2014


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Easyvest blazes a trail in digitalisation and personalisation in the financial services sector

No one likes bad news when it comes to their finances. When Matthieu Remy’s investment portfolio failed to deliver, it set off a chain of events that resulted in not only a new type of financial services provider but a new type of investment experience. 

Motivated by his family’s situation, Matthieu Remy embarked on a mission to help them and other Belgians find smarter ways to invest their hard-earned money.  This culminated in the creation of Easyvest in 2012. “The finance sector is only just starting to respond to the always-on expectations of consumers,” said Remy. “I wanted to deliver both a digital and personal experience to investors.”

And trailblazer Remy has achieved his goal: Easyvest is currently the only financial services provider in Belgium to offer a 100% digital experience to its clients. “Our services are designed to be simple, smart, and seamless across all channels,” he explained. “We want people to be able to access their investment information when and how it suits them.” 

Personalised approach boosts client retention and satisfaction.

Remy’s pioneering approach has won Easyvest an exceptionally loyal client base, with an annual churn rate of just 5% and a Net Promoter Score of around 50% compared with an industry average of less than 10%. And all this has been achieved with a team of just five people. 

“We run a very lean operation,” confirmed Remy. “With technology, we can make our sales, marketing, and service activities more efficient. Salesforce enables us to scale our client base without increasing the ratio of employees.” 

Single business platform increases agility and efficiency.

Salesforce has been part of the Easyvest IT landscape and success story from day one. As Remy explained: “I wanted a platform that would support our business processes and deliver omni-channel CRM capabilities. Salesforce is the best in the world and is easy to deploy, develop, and integrate. There’s no point reinventing the wheel when there’s such a great platform already available.” 

Easyvest uses a combination of Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Community Cloud to manage its sales activities, marketing campaigns, client services, and website. “Everything we do links back to Salesforce,” said Remy. “Capturing all our data in a single place gives us greater visibility and velocity.” 

Delivering the right data to the right people at the right time.

And Remy really does mean all the company’s data – from investment products and client interactions to satisfaction surveys and stock trades. To help team members, partners, and clients find the information they need, Easyvest has created a series of different views based on different personas. 

To visualise the company’s overall performance, Remy also uses a range of Salesforce dashboards, which provide an at-a-glance view of business acquisitions, cash transfers, and other important growth indicators. “I can see what we achieved the previous week and what targets we need to meet in the following week,” he explained.

Lengthy sales cycle demands smarter lead nurturing.

Although referrals are a major source of new business, online simulations also help to generate new leads. When a prospect completes a simulation on the Easyvest website, a new opportunity record is automatically opened in Sales Cloud. 

“Although we are a consumer business, investing money is not like buying a pair of shoes; the sales cycle can last months with multiple touch points on multiple channels,” said Remy. “With Salesforce, we can not only track these interactions but also nurture leads with well-timed marketing content and follow-up calls.”

Easyvest’s omni-channel and personal approach to prospect management has proved a great success. “We get around 100 leads per day from online simulations,” said Remy. “When one of our team makes direct contact, the lead conversion rate is around 70%.”

Communities drive stronger partner and client collaboration.

Although Remy wants to maximise the potential of digitalisation, he understands the importance of human connections in the finance world. To enable better collaboration between its partners and clients, Easyvest has created a series of online communities. 

“With Community Cloud, we can create dedicated online spaces for individuals and groups to access relevant and real-time information,” said Remy. “We created one new partner community in just two days.” 

Easyvest blazes a trail in innovation and integration.

Establishing connections at a system layer is also important, especially as many of Easyvest’s partners in the financial services industry are still reliant on legacy platforms.  “With Salesforce, we can blend the old with the new, and take early advantage of emerging technologies,” said Remy. 

Easyvest is already looking at how it can use artificial intelligence to improve efficiency and the investment experience. “Our clients have responded really well to our online chat feature, which is powered by Service Cloud Live Agent, and we think there’s potential to go one step further by automating the answers to standard questions with AI-powered chatbots,” explained Remy. 

Making the most of client feedback.

Remy is no stranger to trying out new ideas and technologies. During his time at Harvard, he developed a personal finance algorithm, which was an early example of today’s ‘robo-advisors’. 

Remy’s commitment to innovation and love of technology is at the heart of Easyvest’s ongoing success. “Every time I identify a manual process or customer interaction that could be optimised, I turn to Salesforce and the AppExchange,” explained Remy. “It enables me to realise my dreams.” 

To make sure these dreams deliver on client expectations, Easyvest regularly asks for feedback via Salesforce. “When a client gives us a good satisfaction rating, we ask them to become an advocate. If it’s not so good, we contact them to try to address their issues,” said Remy. 

The start of a new era in investment for Belgians.

Easyvest needs to maintain its strong track record in client satisfaction to meet its ambitious growth goals: Remy wants to more than triple the company’s portfolio of 600 clients by the end of 2018. 

“We want to help Belgians become as passionate and knowledgeable about their finances as they are about beer and the Red Devils, our national football team,” said Remy. “With Salesforce, we can reach more people and help them have more control of their investments.”


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