With Salesforce, we can spend more time building personal and trusted relationships with our customers”

- Sami Dibek, Managing Partner, Entek

Entek boosts productivity and performance by reinventing its processes and customer relationships

Automation has transformed the manufacturing industry. And artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things are set to revolutionise it even further. Turkish solution provider Entek is at the forefront of this revolution, developing smart devices that enable customers to exploit their operational data for greater competitive advantage.

As a Trailblazer in AI and automation, Entek wants to ensure its own business processes are as smart and fast as possible. “With Salesforce, we can automate manual and repetitive tasks, which frees up our sales teams to spend more time building personal and trusted relationships with our customers,” said Sami Dibek, Managing Partner at Entek. “We don't want to just convert leads into new revenue, we want to convert them into loyal customers.”

Leveraging CRM to drive greater efficiency and growth

With investment in manufacturing dwindling, maximising resources and safeguarding profitability are essential. For Entek, that meant implementing a new CRM platform to support its sales team and unify company data. “We wanted to unlock deeper insights from our data to help drive greater efficiency and growth,” recalled Doğan Kemal Haciahmet, Partner and Business Development and Marketing Director.

In 2017, Entek decided to empower its 70-strong sales team with Salesforce. “Salesforce is flexible, user-friendly, and integrates seamlessly with our ERP system,” explained Dibek.
Entek’s business development team used Trailhead to explore the platform’s potential, and applied this knowledge when rethinking existing processes and defining team workflows in Sales Cloud.

An integrated and automated sales cycle ensures seamless customer experience

These processes and workflows encompass the entire sales cycle – from tracking opportunities and qualifying leads to raising orders and creating customer quotes.
“The Lightning interface makes it simple to customise Salesforce without needing to know how to code,” said Dibek. “We can now send automated notifications to assign follow-up tasks and confirm new wins via email and Chatter, which helps to ensure a seamless customer experience.”
With field sales engineers often on the road, these notifications can be pushed out via the Salesforce Mobile App to ensure they never miss an update. 

Dashboards and reports unlock new insights

With all sales data in one place, Entek now has better visibility of the pipeline and performance. “With Salesforce, we can maintain more accurate customer records, which helps to drive more intelligent interactions,” added Haciahmet. “If a member of our team leaves, we can still see a customer’s order history and preferences.”
Entek’s managers can drill down into this data via dashboards and reports, which display a range of key metrics, including closed opportunities, sales targets, and stock levels. These insights help managers identify any skills gaps in the sales team and predict customer needs. Thanks to the ERP integration, finance information, such as invoice status and product details can also be viewed in Salesforce.

Salesforce helps Entek’s people work faster and smarter

By transforming its sales processes with greater automation, Entek has empowered its people to work faster and smarter. As Dibek revealed: “We measure success by how quickly we can do things now compared to previously, be that customising a workflow or converting a lead. Salesforce has made us more productive than ever before.”
For example, its opportunity close rates have increased by 120% per person. Cross-selling and collaboration have also improved, with Chatter providing a log of conversations that can be searched quickly. This enables the team to respond to customers faster and makes it easier for them to reach out to colleagues if they need clarification.

Entek continues its innovation journey to drive ongoing success

In the dynamic manufacturing industry, a better understanding of customer needs is key to maintaining competitive advantage. “Our customers rely on us to provide the skills and solutions they need to meet their business objectives,” said Dibek. “With Salesforce, we can take our customer relationships to a new level and boost satisfaction.”
Entek plans to keep transforming its business and processes with Salesforce. Next steps on the innovation journey include streamlining marketing processes with Pardot and leveraging Salesforce’s AI capabilities to automate sales proposals. “With Salesforce, we’re like scouts starting out on an expedition – there’s no limit to what we can achieve, but we know we’ll be supported every step of the way as we forge our own path to success,” said Dibek.



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