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With Salesforce, we can make the most of digital technologies to create smarter and safer kitchens.”

- Elina Kiiski, Digital Program Manager, Fredman

Fredman helps more customers create the perfect kitchen with Salesforce

Automated cleaning schedules. 24x7 temperature measurements. Food waste analytics. This is the future of the professional kitchen. And Fredman Food Tech Services is set to turn this vision into a reality for venues around the world. 

By combining the power of IoT sensors with Salesforce, the Finnish company is blazing a trail in improving food quality and safety in commercial kitchens. “We want to revolutionise how kitchens operate with continuous monitoring and real-time analytics,” said Elina Kiiski, Digital Program Manager at Fredman. “With Salesforce, we can make the most of digital technologies to create smarter and safer kitchens.”   

Digitalisation frees up staff to create fabulous food

Kiiski and her colleagues at Fredman Group are no strangers to innovation. The company has a 14-year track record in helping its customers - which include hotels and restaurants - to create the perfect kitchen. In 2018, Fredman added a new digital dimension to its more traditional solutions for preparing, storing, and cooking food.

“We want to help our customers create happy and healthy kitchens that are both efficient and profitable,” added Kiiski. “Our digital solutions automate monitoring, paperwork, and analysis, freeing up kitchen staff to spend more time doing what they love – preparing, cooking, and baking fabulous-tasting food.”


We’ve built an entirely new sales process in Salesforce, which will help our reps perform better and win more business.”

Elina Kiiski, Digital Program Manager, Fredman

Real-time information boosts food safety performance

To provide an analytics layer to its digital solutions, Fredman uses Salesforce Einstein. Data captured by IoT kitchen sensors is aggregated and analysed to provide a real-time snapshot of temperatures, surface hygiene, and food waste. If a threshold is breached, then an automated alarm is triggered, which can be managed by kitchen staff via a mobile app.

This information is not only essential for the day-to-day running of a commercial kitchen, but also for complying with food safety standards, such as the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) framework. “With Einstein, we can provide both local kitchen staff and regional managers with a central view of food safety performance,” said Kiiski. “It increases transparency and reduces the need for on-site reviews especially for companies with multiple branches and franchises.”

Shared data promotes shared knowledge

Fredman’s team of experts also can also access customers’ kitchen data, which means they can step in with assistance when needed.“With Chefstein, we are not just offering a kitchen management platform, but an end-to-end service backed up with consultancy and knowledge,” explained Kiiski. “We can see if a customer is struggling with a particlular aspect of kitchen management, and get in touch to offer advice and training to help improve performance.”

A 360-degree view of the customer is a recipe for success

Salesforce doesn’t just underpin Fredman’s digital solutions; it also supports sales, marketing, and customer services within the Food Tech Services division. “Our entire team uses Salesforce, which means we have a 360-degree view of our customers and can provide a seamless experience every time they contact us,” said Kiiski.

For example, the customer support team use Chatter and Service Cloud to log and track customer requests and queries. If needed, these can be shared with the company’s technology partner via Community Cloud, which simplifies collaboration and problem-solving. “We no longer have to put customers on hold while we source updates from our partner, which means they get a faster, more responsive service,” explained Kiiski.

Smarter lead qualification and nurturing

As more companies seek to join the digital revolution in the kitchen, Fredman uses Pardot to to capture and qualify leads from the company’s websites and forums. “The sales team no longer need to make cold calls,” said Kiiski. “Instead they can have informed conversations with prospects about relevant challenges and opportunities.”

To personalise and streamline the sales lifecycle, Fredman plans to create customer journeys in Pardot. “It help us nurture leads with less effort,” added Kiiski.

New sales process will boost performance

Fredman can track how many of these leads are converted into customers via dashboards in Sales Cloud as well as other key sales performance metrics for the Food Tech Services division.  “We’ve built an entirely new sales process in Salesforce, which will help our reps perform better and win more business,” explained Kiiski. “We’re encouraging everyone to use Chatter rather than email, so every discussion around a particular lead or customer is in logged in a central place and not locked away in personal email accounts.”

Richer insights drive greater productivity and competitive advantage

For Fredman, the quest for the perfect kitchen has only just begun. It wants to empower its customers with not just operational analytics but also external data, such as customer feedback and weather data, that could impact how they run their business. 

“Our vision is to create a hub of knowledge that will enable our customers to get even more predictive and productive in the kitchen,” said Kiiski. “Salesforce has helped us unlock new insights that benefit our customers and our competitive advantage.”


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