We’re well ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience. And with Salesforce, we’ll be able to keep it that way.”

- Cana Hande Ugur, CRM Manager, Hepsiburada

Hepsiburada blazes a trail in personalised customer journeys with Salesforce

18 million customers. 14 million products. 100 million website visits every month. Hepsiburada is Turkey’s largest online retailer and rapidly expanding globally. And it wants to stay connected with every single customer as it continues to grow.

“Hepsiburada is a multi-category retailer and the pioneering ecommerce platform of Turkey’s fast-growing retail market. With 18 million customers, we not only influence ecommerce trends but also impact the whole retail industry  in Turkey.” said Yüce Zerey, CMO at Hepsiburada. “In this age of intelligent marketing we’re leading the revolution with disruptive technologies, and differentiate ourselves by delivering a seamless, personalised customer experience, and by our strong partnership with Salesforce.”

Stronger customer connections drive greater loyalty.

Established in 2001, Hepsiburada connects consumers with thousands of suppliers and entrepreneurs, digitalising retail and supporting SMEs across the country. One of Europe’s fastest-growing ecommerce companies, Hepsiburada wants to engage with its customers not only on a transactional basis, but also on an emotional level.

“Loyal customers are key to our success, so we need to ensure that they feel connected to the brand,” explained Ugur. “This means personalising interactions and offering a consistent cross-channel experience.”

To help make this vision a reality, Ugur and her colleagues implemented Marketing Cloud in 2016 with help from Salesforce partner Emark. “We were already using Salesforce within the sales team, so we were aware of the solution and its reputation,” explained Ugur. “Marketing Cloud combines usability and flexibility with reliability.”


With Marketing Cloud, we can try out new campaign and content ideas and see how effective they are.”


Segmentation enables more targeted communications.

Hepsiburada uses Marketing Cloud’s Email Studio and Mobile Studio to send more than 40 million emails and 45 million push notifications every month. “We’ve created 360-degree communication plans for our customers in Journey Builder with both trigger-based and defined journeys, for example new customers, one-time shoppers, and brand-lovers,” explained İstem Çetinkaya, CRM Executive at Hepsiburada. “With more targeted content sent to the right customers at the right time, we’ve reduced our churn rate. With a customer base as large as ours, this makes a massive difference.”

The team has created segmented communication plans specially for mobile app users – who account for 70% of its customer base – as they’re most likely to become loyal brand advocates. Around 10% of mobile app visits are now prompted by a push notification from Marketing Cloud.

Segment categories are also displayed on Hepsiburada’s customer service system so agents can see at a glance the type of customer they’re engaging with.

Engaging with customers on the best channel.

But segmentation alone is not enough – Hepsiburada is going the extra mile to ensure a more personalised experience. For example, it’s designed a channel optimisation process to ensure it connects with customers in the most effective way. "From email and push notifications to social media and TV adverts, we’ve categorised our customers in Salesforce based on their response to different channels,” explained Ugur.

The online retailer also uses Marketing Cloud to automatically send abandoned shopping cart reminders and to make additional product recommendations to customers, while AB testing ensures the team is using the more effective language to have the biggest impact on customer behaviour. ”The open and response rates are around five times higher than a regular communication,” added Ugur.

Hepsiburada uses Marketing Cloud’s analytics tools to maximise the potential of key events in the retail calendar, such as Black Friday, Mother’s Day, and back-to-school. “We can see which products are trending and use these insights to create and share content with target customers,” explained Ugur. “With Marketing Cloud, we can try out new campaign and content ideas and see how effective they are.”

Blazing a trail in personalisation for 18 million customers.

Since deploying Marketing Cloud, Hepsiburada has taken a giant leap forward in personalisation and automation, but it’s always out to learn more. “Salesforce’s online training tool, Trailhead, is our first point of call when we want to learn how to do something new in Marketing Cloud,” said Ugur. “For example, when we wanted to trigger interaction emails as part of customer journeys, we just jumped on Trailhead and followed the trail.”

With Marketing Cloud, Hepsiburada can blaze a trail in delivering a personalised experience for its millions of customers. “We’re well ahead of the competition when it comes to delivering an excellent customer experience., And with Salesforce, we’ll be able to keep it that way,” said Ugur.


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