Salesforce gives us a 360-degree view of every interaction with each customer”

- Maria Izzo, Automation Lead, iZettle

iZettle helps more small businesses succeed in a digital age with Salesforce

Technology can be a great equaliser, especially in the digital age. iZettle is on a mission to help small businesses across the world make a big impact by providing them with mobile payment technology that streamlines customer transactions and unlocks buying insights.

To be a true Trailblazer, having a great product isn’t enough. It’s got to be backed up by a great customer experience. “To stay competitive, we need to combine our innovative payment solution with highly personalised service, so our customers can get the most from their investment,” said Graeme Horsfall, General Manager at iZettle.

With a client base of thousands of small customers spanning a range of sectors, including retail, health, and hospitality, iZettle needs to be able to deliver personalisation on a massive scale. “With Salesforce, we can keep sales, service, and marketing content relevant, while continuing to grow our customer base,” said Horsfall.

A single platform supports organic and acquisitional growth.

As well as experiencing rapid organic growth, iZettle acquired IntelligentPOS (iPOS) in 2016, which rocketed the company from hundreds to thousands of customer interactions every day. With both iZettle and iPOS already using Salesforce but in separate instances, Horsfall and his colleagues decided to establish a single platform to unite their people, processes, and information.

“Salesforce has the scalability and vision we need to support our growth,” said Horsfall. “It’s easy to use and integrate, and there’s a wealth of talent and third party apps to help us keep building our capabilities.”


Salesforce gives us a 360-degree view of every interaction with each customer.”

Maria Izzo, Automation Lead, iZettle

Capturing prospect information enables richer sales conversations.

In April 2018, iZettle established a consolidated business platform founded on Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Pardot, with Marketing Cloud due to follow later in 2018. “With a single platform, we’re now able to offer a seamless journey – from reaching out to prospects and onboarding new customers to providing ongoing support,” explained Maria Izzo, Automation Lead at iZettle. “Salesforce gives us a 360-degree view of every interaction with each customer.”

This 360-degree view starts as soon as a prospect engages via the company’s website. With Pardot, every new lead is scored and assigned to a team based on location. “Before Salesforce, we weren’t able to capture information on potential customers that had expressed an interest, but were not quite ready to sign up,” explained Horsfall. “Now that we’re tracking a rich history for every prospect, our sales teams can have more intelligent and relevant conversations.”

Smarter processes simplify the sales cycle.

iZettle has also enriched the sales cycle for its teams by increasing efficiency and visibility. For example, the Salesforce Lightning interface enables people to visualise next steps, which accelerates handovers between inside sales and account managers. Solutions from the Salesforce AppExchange simplify specific processes, such as document generation and forecasting.

As a result of these and other changes, the average sales cycle has reduced.“We used to have to create reports in PowerPoint, as different teams were using different systems,” said Horsfall. “We can now use Salesforce’s real-time reports and dashboards instead, which saves loads of work and provides us with new insight. We’re also looking at tapping into more sophisticated sales analytics with Einstein.”

A consistent approach to customer support on a global basis.

iZettle has also transformed its approach to customer support, with more than 150 Salesforce users from risk analysts to outsourced support agents around the world on Service Cloud. A centralised platform means that customers get a consistent response regardless of their location. “With Service Cloud, it is much easier to monitor the performance of our agents and analysts, as well as to address customers issues in a timely manner,” said Izzo.

By giving sales, risk and support teams access to the same historical customer data, such as transactional data, orders and interactions, iZettle can handle problems and escalations more effectively. “We can provide a more informed response to customers, which makes life easier for our agents as well as our customers.”

Personalisation drives richer cross-channel engagement.

To complete the customer journey in Salesforce, iZettle plans to use Marketing Cloud for co-ordinating communications and campaigns. “By getting more predictive about our merchants, we’ll be able to provide them with a more personalised experience to guide them through the bouquet of products that iZettle has to offer them,” explained Izzo. “With Marketing Cloud, we’ll not only be able to see which emails people have opened, at what rates and at what time, but we’ll,also be able to tailor individual journeys based on their personas, history and interests.”

For example, if a customer is repeatedly contacting support about a particular feature, the action will trigger a one-to-one educational comms campaign. To enable greater cross-channel customer engagement, iZettle also plans to take advantage of Marketing Cloud’s capabilities for SMS and in-app push notifications.

An Agile approach keeps innovation on track.

This is just one of the Salesforce initiatives on iZettle’s innovation roadmap, which includes exploring MyTrailhead to provide a richer learning experience around Salesforce and other business platforms.

To help support future deployments and transformations, Izzo and her team are taking an Agile approach. This involves regularly bringing together all their stakeholders for a prioritisation session known as ‘The Thunderdome’ - a reference to the Mad Max film. Out of all the user stories that enter their backlog, the Automation team delivers only the ones that have been prioritised by their many stakeholders. “There’s so much that we can and want to do with Salesforce,” explained Izzo. “We’re involving the business as much as possible, and we hope that this will help us maximise our investment in the platform, minimise the friction caused by this big organisational change, and deliver on our business goals.”

For iZettle these goals are not just about improving current performance, they are about reinventing the future. “We know we’ll be able to close deals faster and resolve issues quicker with Salesforce, but its role in our business goes much deeper than that,” said Horsfall. “With Salesforce, we can tap into the insights we need to keep growing and innovating. By empowering our people to deliver an even better customer experience, we can stay one step ahead of the competition.”


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