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Salesforce is integral to how we sell, bill, and support our products. It’s not just empowered our people; it’s empowered our business.”

-Amir Heshmati, President & CEO, ImageGrafix Software FZCO

ImageGrafix Software blazes a trail in exceptional customer service with Salesforce

Standing out in the software industry means more than just having the best products; it means offering the best customer experience. With Salesforce, ImageGrafix Software is blazing a trail in delivering customer service excellence – from product sales and renewals to billing and technical support. 

ImageGrafix Software has a 20-year track record in providing engineering software to the energy sector. To keep up with market changes, ImageGrafix Software needs to become more predictive about its customers. “We want to get closer to our customers and support them with the right advice and solutions at the right time,” said Venkat Raman, Business Development Director at ImageGrafix Software FZCO

Salesforce community empowers teams to work faster and smarter

Based in Dubai, ImageGrafix Software has operations across the Middle East and India, and is expanding its reach into the construction and project management markets. “To add value to our customers, we track which products they’re using, when they’re up for renewal, and any other products we think they’ll be interested in,” said Raman. “We needed to make this and other important customer information more accessible for our sales team. And that meant empowering them with new technology.”

As a software provider, ImageGrafix Software understands the importance of selecting solutions that also come with good technical support. “Salesforce is not just a platform; it’s an entire community,” said Raman. “We want to be part of an ethos and ecosystem where people help each other out, and that’s exactly what Salesforce encourages.”  

Automation speeds up sales processes by 40%

In 2017, ImageGrafix Software decided to become part of this ecosystem. With help from IT partner, Cloudworks, it customised and integrated Sales Cloud with its core systems and processes, including the company’s website, email platform and finance solution. “Salesforce is integral to how we sell, bill, and support our products across our customer base. It’s not just empowered our people; it’s empowered our business, which will be key as we expand into new markets.”

With all customer data captured on a single platform, the sales and services teams at ImageGrafix Software can now work faster and smarter. Key customer-facing processes have also been automated and streamlined – from order generation and fulfilment to renewal management. “Greater automation ensures we never miss an opportunity and also reduces complexity for our customers,” said Raman. 

With a renewal rate of 85%, an automated approach has helped to free up a significant amount of time for the sales team. As Raman explained: “With Sales Cloud, we’ve reduced the time staff spend managing the sales cycle and processing renewals by as much as 40%. This means we can dedicate more resources to engaging with customers and delivering an exceptional experience.” 

Central visibility of customer service interactions improves customer experience

Providing responsive and relevant customer support is key to delivering this exceptional experience. “Support is the most prominent button on our website – it is a key differentiator,” explained Raman. “Every support contact from the website and other channels is now captured in Salesforce, which helps us deliver a more joined-up experience across departments.”

ImageGrafix Software uses this customer service history to demonstrate how it has delivered added value throughout the software licensing term, which can help to secure a renewal. 

Mobile app boosts efficiency and enriches customer conversations

To ensure this intelligence can be accessed anytime, anywhere, everyone at ImageGrafix Software from sales executives through to the chairman use the Salesforce mobile app. “Our CEO now has complete visibility of everything that’s going on, even when he’s travelling,” said Raman. “With the Salesforce mobile app, our people can give customers real-time updates in meetings and have more informed conversations.”

ImageGrafix Software also wants to mobile-enable key business processes to help increase efficiency. It has already made it possible for people to submit their expense claims via the app. 

A better customer experience drives competitive advantage

As a Trailblazer, ImageGrafix Software knows there are always more improvements to be made. And it’s already planning its next Salesforce-inspired initiatives. As well as integrating its platform with vendor systems, it wants to automate the software activation process and exploit artificial intelligence to personalise customer communications. 

“Our ability to provide excellent customer service and support is what sets us apart from our competitors,” said Raman. “With Salesforce, we can be more predictive about our customers and ensure we deliver the best value and the best experience.”

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