Salesforce is instrumental in realising our global ambitions”

Jurryt van Arend, Head of Global e-Commerce, Joolz
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Joolz gives expectant parents the pushchair of their dreams with Salesforce

Sometime between the tenth and twentieth weeks of pregnancy something special happens: expectant parents around the world fire up their browsers or visit baby stores in search of the perfect pushchair. When they do, they’re likely to encounter the Dutch brand Joolz and its range of superbly engineered creations—elegant, consciously and smart designed pushchairs that empower the new generation of parents and give them confidence and room to play to enjoy parenting their own way

The quest for the perfect pushchair began with a personal design challenge. Joolz founder Emile Kuenen and his friends came up with a list of all the things they wanted from a pushchair but weren’t getting from conventional models. Three years and countless iterations later, the first Joolz was born. Since then, Joolz pushchairs have delighted more than half a million newborns and their parents, won numerous design awards, and been dubbed ‘the Tesla of pushchairs’ by Fast Company.

Joolz is now a global company with a line of premium pushchairs and accessories sold around the world through a network of partners and websites. “We are present in more than 40 markets worldwide,” said Jurryt van Arend, Joolz’s new Head of Global e-Commerce. “We have 15 different websites in eight languages that support payments in various currencies. There came a point when we realised we’d outgrown our old web shops and needed a platform that would support highly personalised, omni-channel experiences for our customers and partners. Salesforce’s vision of 360 commerce made it the obvious choice.”

We can now create highly personalised customer experiences, at speed. Ideas that would have taken months to realise can be implemented in weeks with Salesforce. No other platform offered us this level of agility”

Jurryt van Arend, Head of Global e-Commerce, Joolz

Commerce Cloud powers memorable moments for new parents

There’s a narrow three-to four-month period when expectant parents search online and in-store for a pushchair. During this window, Joolz aims to give them an online experience that feels as personal and pleasurable as owning a Joolz. “Choosing a pushchair your newborn will ride in is a hugely emotive experience,” said Jurryt. “You want to touch and test it, which is why the majority of our revenue comes from in-store purchases.”

While the old web shops worked as a convenient way to make an online purchase, Joolz is now focused on elevating that experience with its recent implementation of Commerce Cloud. First on the to-do list is a comparator that highlights the unique design features of various models and helps parents select the one that best suits their needs: light and foldable for families in small city apartments; larger and more solid for those with more storage space.

But the real game-changer will be when parents can interact with the website to configure their own uniquely personal pushchair. Once again Commerce Cloud has been an important enabler. “What I like about Commerce Cloud is the freedom it gives us to make the platform truly our own,” said Jurryt. “You can create cool stuff like the comparator and configurator in a relatively very short period of time. Our amazing system integrator, Emakina, recently worked with us to turn our ideas into a prototype in five days flat.”

The team at Joolz has also been working with Emakina to develop the search functionality of its many websites. The predictive search recommendations of Salesforce’s AI technology, Einstein, are already helping customers match accessories—such as rain covers—with particular models.

Empathetic customer interactions drive more business

In the pushchair business, customer journeys are predictable and relatively short lived. A pushchair tends to be a once-in-a-lifetime purchase, and Joolz’s generous lifetime warranty ensures that one pushchair may be all a family ever needs. Seizing opportunities to introduce customers to products that will add to their enjoyment of owning a Joolz is therefore vital.

“The combination of Commerce Cloud with the Marketing and Service Clouds is an example of the whole being greater than the sum of its parts. We’ve just launched Marketing Cloud—and have only begun exploiting the full potential of Service Cloud—but we’re already seeing exciting opportunities for synergies,” said Jurryt. For example, customers who sign up for newsletters on the website are now segmented into those who already own a Joolz and those who don’t. Relevant marketing campaigns are then triggered to educate prospective owners about the various models and inspire existing owners with suggestions about suitable accessories.

Similarly, information about customer warranties from Service Cloud and sales data from Commerce Cloud will trigger targeted marketing campaigns. Data from Commerce Cloud indicates that many parents upgrade to a buggy eight months after purchasing a pushchair. Van Arend envisions using this ‘soft spot’ to support parents in making the transition from buying their first pushchair to picking a buggy for their toddler.

Commitment to an omni-channel approach supports partners through the crisis and beyond

A majority of Joolz’s revenue comes from sales partners around the world—small and medium sized businesses that were crippled by COVID-19. By coming up with creative solutions such as drop-shipping, Joolz was able to provide critical support to these struggling businesses.

Since launching its new websites on Commerce Cloud, Joolz has seen a more than 60% increase in online sales as compared with the same period in the previous year. But, as van Arend is quick to point out, the innovations Joolz is introducing are there to benefit its partners too. Nine out of ten buyer journeys begin online, and this is particularly true for highly researched, big-ticket purchases such as pushchairs. Assets such as the comparator and configurator are expected to boost partner revenue by pre-selling the pushchairs and supporting easier, more enjoyable buying experiences in store.

The agility to realise global ambitions with Salesforce

History was made recently when the last web shop migrated to Commerce Cloud. That US site has since seen a 23% uplift in conversion, something van Arend attributes to the new platform. “There’s a lot less friction on Commerce Cloud. We’re giving shoppers more relevant search results, and the flow from homepage to product pages and checkout is far more intuitive.”

Joolz continues to implement Commerce Cloud worldwide, at a pace that would have been unthinkable before Salesforce. Thanks to standard integrations with payment providers, country-specific preferences for payment options are now implemented in weeks rather than months.“Salesforce is instrumental in realising our global ambitions,” concluded Jurryt. “It gives us the agility to build our business and focus on what we’re good at—selling our award-winning, elegant, consciously designed and produced strollers. We can now roll out a website in a new country in weeks rather than months.”

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