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Kivra rolls out the red carpet with Salesforce

Modern life demands a lot of paperwork. From pay slips, to insurance policies, to pension statements, collecting and storing documents safely can be a chore – and filing cabinets are seriously outdated. However, citizens in Sweden have another way of keeping documents safe and searchable – they use Kivra.

Kivra is the secure digital mailbox used by 4.3 million Swedes; more than 40% of the population. And with Salesforce, the company is scaling up to reach more B2B customers.

“In the past 10 years we’ve grown from a few companies and a couple of thousand users to more than 40,000 senders,” said Frederik Lindgren, Process Manager at Kivra. “With Salesforce, we can optimise the customer experience and identify more cross-sell opportunities to win more business.”

Although the company has used Sales Cloud to store customer details since 2012, in 2019 it launched an initiative with implementation partner, Fluido, to unlock the full power of the platform. And it couldn’t have happened at a better time, with more companies looking to digitalise communications in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was the perfect opportunity to get smarter with customer data.

Saying goodbye to manual processes.

Citizens in Sweden can apply for a digital ID called BankID, and will generally start receiving important documents around the age of 16. They can then use this secure ID to register for a Kivra mailbox. To receive documents, they simply supply their unique identifier rather than a postal address to participating companies.

For companies sending documents, however, it was a different story. “Before our Salesforce transformation, onboarding customers was a major pain point,” recalled Lindgren. “It took our team of four between 15-18 days to onboard a customer and was a frustrating manual process.”

Luckily, complexity is a thing of the past, and with new onboarding workflows in Salesforce customers can simply submit a webform. Onboarding takes less than a minute, and one employee only needs to spend half of their time managing the process. This also leaves the rest of the team free for more valuable activities.

“We’re rolling out the red carpet for customers with Salesforce, and it’s really boosted team spirit and morale by eliminating those manual processes. We use Trailhead to get up to speed on the platform so staff can hit the ground running with minimal training,” said Lindgren.

Behind the scenes, Salesforce is integrated with CreditSafe, a platform that performs credit checks on companies. Company data is automatically verified and information on the customer’s turnover and the number of employees is captured.

Finally, using AppExchange solution Scrive, the customer can sign the agreements digitally and start using the platform.

Identifying opportunities to be more proactive.

While streamlining and speeding up onboarding has been a big win for Kivra, Salesforce is also capturing more comprehensive and accurate customer data that can be analysed for cross-sell opportunities.

“Salesforce dashboards and Tableau are really useful for getting insights into what our mid-market and enterprise customers are sending,” said Lindgren. “We have customers of all shapes and sizes but if we see a large company is using the platform to send invoices, for example, our sales team can reach out to find out if there’s an opportunity to send their pay slips with Kivra too.”

Managing the pipeline and opportunities in Sales Cloud also gives the team visibility of where to focus resources to have the highest impact on the company’s growth plans.

“We have 40,000 customers in our system. Without Salesforce we simply wouldn’t be able to maximise on that cross-sell opportunity to keep expanding our business,” commented Lindgren.

Adopting a culture of continuous innovation.

Initial feedback from customers has been overwhelmingly positive, but Kivra isn’t finished optimising the experience yet. The team is working to continuously identify areas for improvement to make the process even more seamless, and will start tracking customer satisfaction to keep its finger on the pulse as customer demands change and grow.

Eventually, the entire customer journey will be automated in Salesforce, from onboarding through to invoicing, and the company will leverage Einstein to make processes smarter with artificial intelligence. The sales team will then be free to focus on having better, more personalized conversations with customers.

Next on the agenda, the team is planning to replace manual marketing processes with automated journeys on Marketing Cloud. “As well as sending newsletters and press releases, we’re planning to use Salesforce to qualify leads so we know we’re targeting people with the right content at the right time,” added Lindgren.

As its digital transformation gathers momentum, Kivra is in a strong position to achieve its growth goals and to improve its competitive edge. “Salesforce helps us to be more scalable and efficient, but we can also give our customers a seamless digital experience that we hope will give us an edge over the competition,” concluded Lindgren.

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