Salesforce makes us more competitive. It’s helped us create a customer-focused culture.”

— Berno Kleinherenbrink, Directeur Commercie

LeasePlan has always put its customers first. But now it needs to put both customers and drivers first, which means managing a lot more relationships and a lot more information.

“We are seeing a shift from vehicle-centric services to driver-centric services, which means we can no longer compete on products alone we have to compete on personal contact,” said Berno Kleinherenbrink, CEO of LeasePlan in the Netherlands. “With Salesforce, we can deliver a more personal experience to more people without having to spend a lot of time customising our processes. This increases customer loyalty and satisfaction and drives growth.”

LeasePlan’s heritage in fleet management and driver mobility spans more than 50 years. In the Netherlands it holds a 20% share of the market, with more than 142,000 drivers and over 10,000 customers using its cars and services. “We want to make our services even simpler and better than they are today,” said Kleinherenbrink. “To do this, we have to understand what our customers need now and in the future.”

Personalised services for every driver

Serving individual drivers as well as corporate fleet managers will become increasingly important as LeasePlan targets the small and medium-sized business sector as well as private leasing contracts. “Our traditional market of large enterprises is contracting we no longer have just one-to-one relationships but one-to-many. This changes how we communicate and interact with customers and drivers,” explained Martijn Versteegen, Marketing and Business Development Director at LeasePlan Netherlands.

The company’s driver contact centre receives thousands of calls every day. By integrating its operating contact management system with Service Cloud, LeasePlan can match not only a driver’s phone number to their name and licence plate, but also their entire service history. “We don’t want to waste people’s time asking for information that we already have,” explained Kleinherenbrink. “With Service Cloud, we can bring greater value to driver interactions, even though the volume of these interactions is increasing.”

With ambitions to grow its global driver base from 1.5 million to 2 million by 2020, winning new business is a top priority for LeasePlan. Prior to deploying Salesforce in 2012, the company struggled to track new leads as well as cross-selling opportunities with existing customers.

“We used our previous CRM solution like digital paper,” revealed Patrick Vierveijzer, the company’s Commercial Director. “With Salesforce, we can do more dynamic and strategic planning. It gives us visibility into every opportunity in our pipeline, which improves our sales performance.”

Seizing the opportunity

LeasePlan’s new approach to opportunity management began in the Netherlands, and has since been extended across 28 countries as part of a group-wide implementation of Salesforce. “We needed a solution that could support the business on a global scale,” said Kleinherenbrink. “Salesforce is continuously improving and innovating, which means we can do the same. The journey doesn’t end when the implementation ends.”

More than 2,000 LeasePlan employees around the world use Salesforce to enrich customer services, strengthen marketing campaigns, and accelerate the sales cycle. “Salesforce makes us more competitive. It’s helped us create a customer-focused culture,” said Kleinherenbrink.

As well as logging every opportunity in Sales Cloud, LeasePlan also tracks renewals, tenders, international account plans, and relationships with existing customers. “With Sales Cloud, everyone can see what is happening with a customer and what we need to do increase loyalty and satisfaction,” explained Vierveijzer.

To improve how it nurtures opportunities with smaller businesses and private individuals, LeasePlan uses Pardot, a marketing automation solution. Based on a prospect’s browsing history, the company sends out targeted marketing collateral, such as dynamic content and white papers, at key points in the engagement cycle. “We used to just design an offer and send it to every prospect,” said Versteegen. “We can now see how different people react to different communications, and wait until a lead is warm enough to send a targeted offer.”

LeasePlan wants to take this one step further, using Pardot to design customer journeys that span all three of its sales channels. “We used to think of our sales channels as being separate, but prospects are increasingly moving between them. Our lead generation programme needs to facilitate these customer journeys, delivering the right content at the right time,” revealed Versteegen.

Unlocking information through greater mobility

As LeasePlan’s business continues to grow, it also needs to serve up the right information at the right time to its employees. With the Salesforce Mobile App, sales teams can access customer and prospect information captured in Service Cloud and Sales Cloud while they are on the move. “Speed is essential for growth,” said Vierveijzer. “The Salesforce Mobile App allows us to move faster than our competitors and stay on top of our business.”

Account managers use the app to assign tasks to their colleagues to ensure customer requests are dealt with promptly following a meeting. They also use the app to share real-time data with customers instead of printing static reports.

Access to real-time data will become increasingly important for LeasePlan as it strives to stay ahead in the congested fleet management market. “Our cars are generating data, our customers are generating data, and our drivers are generating data,” said Kleinherenbrink. “With Salesforce, we will be able to extract more value from this data to build stronger customer relationships and propositions.”

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